Finding My Calling

Many blessings! I turn 29 this month and the first time I went in for prayer (at the Healing Rooms), I had a mighty encounter with the Holy Spirit. I was a Catholic back then but after that I began seeking God with all my heart and got in the Word and became an evangelical Christian. Leaders from the Healing Rooms prophesied that God would do great things in my life and I kept having powerful tangible encounters there. Another leader said "international evangelist" and God spoke other things as well. I finally ended up serving on the team for about 1 year or so.

Then one day He said, "It's time to step into what I have called you" so I started in full time ministry. It's been almost 5 years ago but the first year I would go to parks, malls, streets and minister to people and God saved many people, healed many and just touched people with His power. After 1 year and 1 month of that, He said, "I will reward you big for all that you have done" and God had US$138,000.00 dollars wired into my bank account!!!! So I was able to sow US$21,000 into the Healing Rooms in London because He told me to. All the glory goes to our God!!!

After a while, God told me to go preach the gospel in the churches of Uruguay in South America. God has done great things here during this time; many have been saved and healed in the churches as He pours out His glory and does awesome things!

So, thank you, thank you for moving people to start Healing Rooms everywhere because just one person changed in there can change the whole world!!!

God bless you!!!
Evangelist Freddy Listur
From London, UK 04/08/15


Ten Year Follow-Up

I was diagnosed with breast cancer on November 25, 2004. They gave me a poor prognosis. Very little chance for survival, according to my doctors. God gave me Psalm 118:17 while I was in the hospital: "I shall not die but live and declare the works and illustrious acts of the Lord."

Many, many miracles followed. Good blood tests that were impossible, my cells praising God, touches from Christ! It's 10 years later. Fully healed in 2005 and still healthy today. Rebecca Kirkpatrick



Behavioral Issues Healed, Relationship With Son Restored

I have been in for prayer for my six-year-old son. I also put in an ongoing request for him to be more compliant and accepting of learning and following directions at school.

His teacher called me yesterday and wanted to tell me about how well my son is doing in school! He has been moving up in reading and the teacher has been having other kids look to him for a good role model.

Jenney Hammers 2013


Marriage Restored

When I came into Healing Rooms for prayer I was feeling skeptical, but willing to surrender at the urging of my friend. I was at a very sad place in my life. My husband was doing drugs and we were separated by 1000 miles (he in ND and I in WA).

I was afraid for our marriage and the effect it would have on our two daughters. I was prayed over, and they identified long-standing burdens from all the way back to my childhood. I was able to release all of that emotion and fear in that moment. The feeling of security I felt from the Spirit stayed with me for weeks! My husband later quit the drugs and moved back into our home. We are more connected as a couple now than we have been during our 12 years together.

As for my kids, they worked together to save my agnostic friend's 7 year old daughter BY THEMSELVES! We are all doing great. PRAISE GOD!

Casie Shulz 2/21/13