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Thomas Benson

Thomas Benson

Praise God, these truly are the days of Elijah! Immediately this makes me think of another prophet by the name of Malachi, where he says in chapter 4 verse 5, "I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming great and terrible day of the Lord."

Is that good news or what? It is if your focus is where it should be. There are two camps concerning the last days, actually there are many camps but for this article we will focus on what I believe are the two that I am most aware of.  One side believes that there is no more judgment. I assume that they still believe in the great white throne judgement. I assume that they do. We will call this group the springtime in the Rockies group, everything is awesome and it just keeps getting better.

The other side believes that God still reserves the right to judge nations, and that He is going to lay waste to anything and everything that rubs Him the wrong way. We will call this the gloom and gloom group. I believe that both groups have revelation from the Lord, but according to scripture "we only see in part" and "we only hear in part." I tend to lean on the word that says we see as through a glass darkly, whether we hear an audible word or have an open vision or a very detailed dream.* I don’t believe that God gives any one group or any one person the entire picture of what He is doing, that is why we need one another.

That being said, let’s get back to the main thrust of this article. I personally believe that there are some very dark and very difficult days that are coming our way. I also believe that there is coming a move of God that is far beyond what your little finite brain can even begin to wrap itself around.  It is persecution and trials that will cause the church to rise up and become everything that she is destined to be.

We are seeing and hearing much in the news and even some current events which are not in the news. It’s been very disturbing. But just the other morning the Lord spoke very clearly to me that even though these things were happening He wanted me to keep my focus on Him.

He said, "Tell the people that IF they will keep their focus on Me they will not need to be in fear. They are not to worry because there is nothing that the enemy can do or bring from the pits of hell that I am not able to trump. I am more than able to cover and take care of what and who belong to Me. You do not need to fear the terror by night or the arrows that fly by day, because the world is full of terror and terrorism and the arrows are certainly flying every day."At that point He said, "Tell them that Psalm 91 was written specifically for the great and terrible day of the Lord."

Even though we have read and trusted in this portion of scripture, it is now that we will see the full fruition and manifestation of those words. That Psalm has worked before because it is God’s word but now every line, every word, every letter, every jot, every tittle, will be supercharged with power like never before.

WE ARE NOT TO BE IN FEAR, PERIOD.  I was - let’s just say - very encouraged, so be blessed and KEEP your focus on Him! 


*I Corinthians 13:12