Sharon Murphy

 Sharon Murphy

 It has been over five years since Tom and I started leading the Transformation Land Team for the Healing Rooms and today, looking back, we realize there have been many positive changes since we have started. We attribute this to the Father’s heart for our city as we have partnered with Him and the wonderful prayer team of faithful and gifted people who show up ready and expectant every time we meet, many who have interceded for years for our city. We are also very aware of the many individuals, churches, ministries and service organizations who have been contending for our city and helping the needy for years who have "gone before us" in preparation to what we are doing today.

All share a part in the fruit we are now seeing and we want to make sure that is clear, and that our testimony is only in part ours. It belongs to many others, but if they haven’t visited some of these places or kept track of the local news they may not have noticed the changes. Some of the changes are obvious but some need to be spiritually discerned. When we pray for a person we can ask them how they feel or for a number to describe their pain level, but it doesn’t work that way with the land or the city. God does reveal healing and changes in the land if we are paying attention! Before I share some of our testimonies with you, let me share our ‘why’.

​We really do love the land and we love the place we live, but that isn’t really our main reason for what we do. When we pray in our authority, forgiving those who sinned and cleansing and healing the land with the blood of Jesus, the land is no longer defiled. We then release words of life and destiny prophetically over the city or place where we are praying. It is really this simple. As we do this it removes the enemy’s rights and access to occupy these places and instead makes more room for the Presence of God and atmosphere of heaven to reside. So our main reason to do what we do is to make room for more of God’s presence in our city so that His goodness and glory and love will touch the people who live here (and pass through here) and those people will be blessed and transformed.

​We have seen things change and one of the things that is apparent to those of us on the team is that God’s presence rejuvenates and that our Father really does want things to be better. That may seem like a no-brainer, but from some of the prophetic words we hear it seems important to mention.

In downtown Spokane there are many areas where we have prayed that were dark and defiled at first. It sometimes feels like we are peeling an onion as we go back to some of the same places and Holy Spirit reveals more of our Father’s will for a place and then shows what is hindering that will so that we can pray in agreement with Him.

The good news is that it’s working and here is a sampling of just a few of the places we have been and some of the changes related to them: Right now in the midst of what many are calling a recession there is growth and life in many parts of Spokane. Especially noticeable to us is that in some of our poorer and high crime neighborhoods where we have prayed the landscape is changing and there is even a new voice coming out of those neighborhoods saying that change is there for good! One of those neighborhoods used to be ‘scary’ to walk through in the daytime, but now young families are moving in and it is becoming safer and peaceable. On a recent walk through there it really did feel like a different place! Our local power company recently donated some land and created a park in the heart of our city right next to the waterfalls. It’s beautiful, but that wasn’t always the case. It was also one of the places we had been to more than once so imagine our joy when we saw this new park!

​The downtown (main) Masonic Temple and three others that we know of have closed down in the past four years. Most had been operating for a very long time. ​Last fall, teams that we trained from the Healing Rooms School of Transformation went to some of our public schools. By going on Saturday no one was disturbed by their presence. One high school in particular, Rogers, was highlighted to us. It is located in the poorest zip code in the state and had the lowest graduation rate. It was designated a “Failing High School” and The Seattle Times had called it a “dropout factory.” It is spring in Spokane now and it is being reported on the news and in the local paper that there has been a complete turnaround at Rogers. As a matter of fact, the title of one recent newspaper article is "The Rogers Revival!" The graduation rates and school attendance are currently one of the best in our area. Rogers is now an example for other schools and it’s reported that the changes in the school are affecting not only the students, but their families and the local community, too. There are still changes that need to come but what an encouraging and hopeful start!

​One of the places we have prayed a lot is at the IAHR headquarters itself and the surrounding neighborhood, the South University District. The headquarters has experienced a lot of changes and recently our city council has decided to revitalize the South University District with a $32 million investment.

Another amazing account is that in early March a team prayed in this area again and this time addressed the prostitution problem that has long persisted less than a mile from the Healing Rooms offices. A business owner had shared with someone who happens to be on our team that a neighboring building had one of the earliest brothels in it and that many of those being trafficked were enslaved. After forgiving those who sinned and releasing healing a dramatic change has already been noted. A newspaper article came out last week telling of a new strategy the city used in mid-March to deal with the prostitution resulting in almost all of the prostitutes willingly leaving our city with no harm done to any of them.

There is much, much more happening in our region and city and even beyond, but this article isn’t meant to convince you that we are doing something, but that God is doing something and that He wants to do it where you live, too.

​I Corinthians 15:46 says that the spiritual doesn’t come first, but the natural, and after that the spiritual. We are seeing the outcome of God’s kingdom and atmosphere touching our city in the natural. But we are also expectantly looking for the spiritual to manifest with true Holy Spirit revival. This will result in people being saved and healed and their lives changed. Great peace and joy will manifest as Jesus Christ receives the reward of His suffering as the earth and all that is in it gives praise to our God and King.