Facetime Anyone? - Maribeth Benson



Maribeth Benson

Maribeth Benson

My son-in-law is in the Air Force and they just received their PCS, which is an acronym for Permanent Change of Station. Uncle Sam is relocating them to Delaware in August. Now we live on the West Coast and Delaware is as far east as we are far west! I am not too thrilled with this because my daughter and son-in-law plan on taking my grandkids with them! At first I threw myself a huge pity party, but, alas! no one came. Then, I decided to look at the bright side of things and started to plan our vacation next year to Delaware.  My husband and I love history and there is a lot of history back there; unfortunately, the cheap airfares are also history.   So on the other side of that bright side is the computer, and Facetime in-between our visits!

“Excuse Me, Maribeth, this is God.”

“Just a second, God, I’ll get right back to You. I’m finishing up an article for the Healing Rooms’ Journal of Healing.”

“I know that, I’m God.”

“Oh, yeah!”

“You were discussing your grandkids and how upset you are that they are leaving the area, but now you feel better knowing that Facetime will keep you close. Have you ever thought that I might like a little bit more Facetime with you, too?”

“Um, well, um...”

“You always seem to be a little bit more preoccupied with your family, friends, sewing, work, swimming. Yep, I have been keeping track! I like this Facetime idea, I think My kids have forgotten that I am not only your Father, I am your Friend, too. I love conversing with you, I love laughing with you, I love being there for you. Travailing face down on the floor works for some... but, frankly, I like to see your face. I actually have pretty good ears, you know; I even hear your thoughts!”

“OK, I was having a bad morning, I didn’t really mean what I was thinking.”

“Ha! I know your heart, too, so I didn’t think much of it!”

“Oh, thank God! I mean thank You!”

“I have all the time in the world to wait on you but you don’t, so would you please just put aside some of your busy stuff and hang out with Me more? I would love to have some quality Facetime with you!”

“OK, you’re right, but then You always are, aren’t You? Ha! And by the way I love Your eyes!”

“I love yours, too; I made them! Now have a wonderful visit with your daughter’s family. I love the beauty of the East Coast! Let’s go in the Autumn, I think that season shows off My best work. Loving this Facetime with you, boy, the technology today is just awesome. Thank you very much!”

“Ha! You always seem to get the last word in God!”

“I Am the Word!”

Maribeth Benson is our prayer side receptionist at Spokane Headquarters and resident comedienne.