Pasadena Healing Rooms, Pasadena, California

We prayed for someone who had a brain tumor the size of a small orange.  They removed it, and found it to have some cancer cells in it.  There were parts of the tumor that were unreachable.  When they went back for a second MRI the surgeon was speechless.  He said that he had never seen anything like this in his practice.  The unreachable parts of the tumor had disappeared!  We believe this should be the norm and not the exception.


Spokane Healing Rooms

In June of 2014 I was told I had lung cancer.  At that moment I knew that I had to go through this, and it would glorify God!  I went to the Healing Rooms, and everyone I knew was praying for me.  I did have ½ of my right lung removed.  The doctor got it all the first time and I had no chemo or other treatment.  Three weeks later I had an x-ray and the doctor said he must have gotten my x-ray mixed up with one of his heart patients because I had no scaring and my lung was perfectThey couldn’t see where they had done surgery!


Healing Rooms in Asia

An elderly woman suffered from cerebral palsy for 8 years.  She came for prayer to our healing room with paralysis of half of the left side of her body.  Her left foot couldn’t move smoothly and it was 5 centimeters shorter than her right foot.  After she forgave her nephew and received prayer, her left foot could move and it grew to the same length as her right foot. 

A deaf-mute middle aged woman can now hear and talk after receiving prayer!


Healing Rooms of Santa Maria Valley, Santa Maria, California, USA

Elizabeth writes: I came for prayer for stage 3 breast cancer. The doctors were not sure if I would make it because the cancer had spread to my lymph nodes in my arm. I came (to the Healing Rooms) and I stood in faith (with team members, while receiving prayer). I believed when we prayed that the cancer would shrivel up and die, and it did!


Georgia Healing Rooms, Chamblee, Georgia (Atlanta area)

I came to Healing Rooms to continue to receive healing of nerve damage to my left hand and arm caused by a spinal tumor. A recent MRI showed no return of a tumor that had disappeared from my left lung, and no growth of the tumor remaining on my spine.

The prayer ministers prayed for circulation to return to my left hand, which was cold and discolored. As they prayed, then praised God for His mercy, my hand began to shake. Before our eyes, my hand regained its healthy color and strength was restored to my left arm. I am praising God for continued healing in my body.