I am sorry about the delay in acknowledging the wonderful healing I received from the prayer teams on those two Saturdays that I attended. When I came for prayer, it was as a result of a medical diagnosis called ‘third nerve palsy.’ This had been evident for some six weeks or so. The condition was causing me to experience double vision which meant I couldn’t drive, couldn’t read, and left me feeling most miserable. It was caused by a blockage in the nerves that control the movement of the eyeball, which meant I had to wear a patch over one eye. I couldn’t hide the fact that I had a problem and besides I had one eye in one corner and the other in the other corner. The most preferred cure according to the specialists was that it cures ‘itself’ but it would take up to six months to know if that was going to be an option. When I came for prayer nothing had changed and though I felt the presence of the Lord even dramatically, I left the prayer room without any visible change or improvement in my condition. On the following Tuesday I wandered into the lounge, picked up a book and started to read it. I couldn’t believe it! It was so clear, so perfect, you can imagine my delight. This had me thinking that perhaps I should remove the patch off my glasses and see if my double vision had likewise been cured. Sure enough for a radius of, say, fifteen meters the double vision had gone. Praise the Lord! Beyond the fifteen meter radius double vision still prevailed but I was unconcerned. I just knew that God had started a good work and ‘He would complete it’.  Sure enough by weeks end both my eyes had returned to normal. Coincidentally about this time I received a notice from the hospital for a three hour appointment to assess several options including surgery for my condition. After half an hour they said I might as well go as there was no evidence of the condition anymore. Praise the Lord! I would like to commend the ministry of Healing Rooms to you and your teams as I believe it is something born from the very “Heart of God”. God bless you all. P.T., Auckland