The Power of the Knower - Cal Pierce


Cal Pierce

Cal Pierce

(This is a reprint of an article first published in April 2003)

What we know in the Kingdom of God is different from what we know in the natural realm. In the natural realm, we know something exists when we see it. In the Kingdom, we must know something exists even when we don’t see it. In 1 John 5:14-15 the Word tells us we can have confidence in God that when we ask anything according to His will, He hears us. If we know that He hears us, we know that we have whatever we ask of Him. All of God’s will is truth. All truth exists or it wouldn’t be truth. When we know and ask according to God’s will, then truth is activated to produce the evidence of God’s will upon the earth.


Only when we know something exists in the supernatural can we establish it in the natural realm. The power to demonstrate God’s will flows through the knower. Our knower puts a demand on what is unseen. We can only establish something from the Kingdom of God by what we know. It’s what we know that determines where we go. In other words, the measure of our doing is determined by the measure of our knowing. We can’t do what we don’t know.


When we know, faith has locked onto truth, and then truth becomes creative to establish God’s Will upon the earth. When we know in the Kingdom of God, we create with the substance of faith from that realm. When we know, God’s Word becomes creative (powerful) through us. We are to be doers of His Word. Power is released in the doing, not the seeing. It’s what we do with what we don’t see that determines what we do see.


What we know in the Kingdom is greater than what we know in the natural. What we know in the natural has already been seen. What we know in the Kingdom is about to be seen. We know something exists in the natural because we see the evidence. It’s the evidence of what we know that causes us to experience it. Faith is the evidence of what we don’t see that exists in the Kingdom of God. Our knower takes hold of the evidence of faith so that we can experience it by bringing it into this realm. This is the process for Heaven to arrive on earth as His Will is done through us.


We have locked onto creation in Heaven which is waiting to be seen as creation on earth. The Kingdom is waiting to come. As we know, we become the fulfillment of God’s Will. God’s Will is fulfilled in Heaven, but unfulfilled on earth. Therefore it is suspended between Heaven and earth. It’s sent by Heaven, waiting to arrive on earth. It needs a vessel to achieve this. We can’t process Heaven until we know the need for Heaven to process (arrive) on earth.


The spirit of religion doesn’t want us to know the truth. Religion can’t process truth because religion establishes form and not power. It doesn’t know what to do with power because power creates change. Tradition is unchangeable. A religious spirit will operate by sight to see that nothing changes.


Revelation operates by hearing, to establish faith in our knower so that change can come. We can’t become a doer until we become a knower. Our victory isn’t in the power, it’s in the knower. We already have the power, but many just don’t know.