Time for Birthing - Debbie Powell


Debbie Powell

Debbie Powell

Recently I was feeling discouraged.  I was feeling that my joy was again gone.  I went to God and asked Him why I was so restless. He gave me a picture of a very pregnant woman pacing the floor because of her great discomfort; aching back, swollen feet, unable to sleep, etc.  Restless on the eve of the great revelation of what she had carried so long.

With birth there is pain and discomfort, but all of that is forgotten when that baby is put into your arms.  Oh, for the love of that child!

When we experience discomfort, we want to run the opposite direction, to get away from that which is irritating.  God is telling us that the birth is coming.  What we have been waiting for is coming…it is here!   No longer are we in the waiting room, we are in the birthing room.

We must face what is before us and our focus must be on God.  He will encourage us through the pain of birthing and strengthen us with His joy at the revelation of the child we have been carrying.

And one last thing, don’t forget to ask Him the name of the child.

Debbie Powell is the IAHR Manager at the Spokane Headquarters.