Numbness - 

I came in for prayer for arthritis in my back and my right leg had been numb for over 5 years. After the HR prayed for me, my leg was healed. I have feeling now! Thank you, Jesus!

Tamie T., Polson, MT, USA - July 29, 2015


Throat and Lungs - 

I have had a problem with my throat and breathing and a constant cough. When (the people praying with me) spoke about a healing balm covering me, I felt it and knew it was the healing balm from God. And felt I was to walk in it now and believe that God had visited. His Word is sure.

Spiritually, I know God has visited my condition. I also was encouraged by the vision shared with me by (a prayer team member) about the catapult, stepping into God's catapult to be launched forward. Awesome being here today!

Rod W., Centralia, WA, USA - May, 7, 2015


Knee Pain - 

I came in for prayer with both my knees hurting. While the team was back praying, my knee started shaking uncontrollably. Something started going through my leg and out my toes, it was like lightening. After that I was stepping on chairs, moving my knees, and I haven't had any pain in my knees. I've been healed!

Leola C., Spokane, WA, USA - August 27, 2015


Wrist and Neck Pain -

I came in with wrist pain that I had for over 5 years, osteoarthritis, resp issues I have dealt with off and on for 6 years and back and neck pain from an injury at work 11 weeks ago. When I went in for prayer, one of them held my hands and shared from the Lord. I know the Holy Spirit fell on me as the woman shared and spoke to me. When she finished talking, without prayer, she asked if I had any pain. Praise God, the pain was gone and I could move my hand, wrist and my neck with NO PAIN!!!

Thank you, Jesus for healing me. I want more from God! I want all He has for me and I want to serve Him more, with my whole life, in areas I never thought possible.

Marjorie R., Spokane, WA, USA - July 11, 2015