Deborah's healing

Deborah* was born on the 17th December 2011. Unfortunately, the beautiful little baby girl was born without an anal canal. The doctors performed surgery to correct this and she wore a colostomy bag for over 12 months. She was monitored around every 3 months, but as a toddler she experienced pain due to unexpected complications.

In May 2015 she came to Nowra with her distressed family.  Her uncle told Deborah’s mother of his experience with the Healing Rooms as he was astonished with his sudden relief from back pain after just one session. Although she was tentative about taking her daughter for 'healing' she took her and Deborah was very calm and relaxed as soon as she entered the room.

Deborah and family could only attend one session as they live interstate but when they returned home she took her daughter for a checkup and consequent colonoscopy, the doctors were amazed to find no problem! It was as if there never was a medical condition.

Since then Deborah has been healthy and happy and enjoying preschool and social activities with family and friends.  Her family are very grateful to the Healing Rooms and feel blessed to have a happy daughter again. A huge thank you to all and our blessings are with you and your fantastic work!!

Love from Deborah and family. (* name changed)

Nowra Healing Rooms, Australia


Healed of Breast Cancer

In April 2015 I was told I had cancer in my left breast. The first thought I had was What?! Then a bit of fear. And as I was getting ready to attend my first doctor's appoint the thought crossed my mind I will be battling cancer.

The Holy Spirit immediately spoke up and told me to stop saying that. I thought, "But I hear people say that all the time 'I'm battling this or that illness/disease.'" The Holy Spirit spoke again, saying, "If you try and battle this on your own, you will lose. It is not your battle, it's Jesus' battle. He went to the Cross for this cancer. It's His battle, it's not your battle. Stay close to Jesus and trust Him, He already won when He took cancer to the Cross."

It seemed easier to trust Jesus than to take on the battle. I did very well through surgery, through treatment, through recovery. The doctors wanted to know why I was so happy and joyful through all of it. They were amazed how well I did and how clear and clean my skin is. Praise God!

I'm a walking testimony. I've always known how much I need Jesus, but now I really know and trust Him and His promise of Healing even more! Oh, how He loves me. Thank you, Jesus!

Jo Rygwalski