Healed of Dengue Fever

I minister in Mexico and we had a recent outbreak of Dengue in the area we live. In early August I felt sick with a fever and my skin began to turn red, like sunburned. I went to the doctor and had a blood test which showed I indeed had Dengue. I was prescribed rest, not an easy task for me. I went to my local church where we have Healing Rooms and received prayer

After two weeks I had another blood test. The nurse who examined the results said I had the quickest recovery she had ever seen. Praise God! My doctor was also impressed by my test results.

Now the Lord is using me to pray for others with Dengue.

John S. - North St. Paul Healing Rooms, MN

Healed of Stomach Pain

I came in with a very bad stomach ache. I have had this problem for over a year and the doctors couldn't find anything.

I came in for prayer on September 4, 2015 and had hands laid on my stomach. I walked out without pain! I thank God for my healing.

Leola C. - Spokane Healing Rooms, WA

Healed of Hip Pain, Headaches and Eye Cloudiness

A woman came to get prayer for her hip. The team got "eye issues" and "head issues" when they prayed over her paper though she had not written anything about her head or eye. When she came in for prayer, they asked about her eye and head. They found out she had cloudiness come into her eye that very week and was increasing. She also had headaches.

The team prayed for the eye which began to clear up and was all the way clear in 2 days! And her headache cleared as she received prayer.

Then the team asked where the pain level was for the hip that she came in for. She wiggled, walked and jumped and discovered her prayer request had already been answered just by being there!

Amy A. - Living Fountain Healing Room, AZ