It's Time to Roar - Debbie Powell


Debbie Powell
Debbie Powell

Scripture tells us that Jesus came as a lamb, but it also talks about Him being the Lion of Judah.  When we accepted Christ as our Lord and Savior, Christ entered us, the Lamb entered us.  We’re to seek after the nature of who Christ is, to become Christ-like. It’s not I that lives but Christ lives in me; we are to have that attitude of a lamb.

But He also has the nature of the Lion of Judah, which He demonstrated by calling the leaders of Israel dogs.  He overturned tables in the temple and took a whip to the money changers.

I saw a picture on the web that just speaks to my spirit.  It is the head of a lion over a head of a lamb.  It reminds me of the Scripture of the lion lying down with the lamb.  I have always seen this Scripture as future where the gentle lamb and the magnificent, mighty lion lie down together and there is peace.

This is also a picture of Christ. If we have accepted Him as Lord and Savior we have that Lamb, but we also have that Lion; that Lion who walks in authority and that Lion who roars into the world.

I did a little research on lions and, at night when the air is thinner, their roar will carry for five miles.  It is to tell other lions that this is my territory, these are my boundaries and you can’t come into my territory.  If you do, you will become my prey.  I will fight you.  This is the boundary, this is the line I am drawing in the sand.

This is what we need to do! We need to tell the enemy, this is the boundary, you can’t cross this.  As lambs we have recessed our boundaries.  We have become doormats in society because we have seen Christ as meek and mild, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  We have been taught to turn the other cheek but it is our love and non-combative behavior that has allowed the enemy to take our land, our health, our mental and emotional stability, and our finances.  We have allowed the thief to come in as a roaring lion and kill, steal and destroy. But he is toothless!

It is time for us to grow the lamb within us up into a lion, into the Lion of Judah.  We need to begin to roar into the atmosphere.  To roar the message out to the enemy that this is my boundary, I’m taking back my territory.  This is my area of influence and you aren’t welcome here anymore.

Another thing a lion will do is put his muzzle on the ground and roar into the earth. The roar goes out and the animals can’t figure out where the sound is coming from so they become confused.

Psalms 29:8 (Amp) “the voice of the Lord makes the wilderness tremble.”

God can cause the earth to tremble and can bring confusion to the enemy.  If you are confusing your enemy, he’s off-balance.  When we’re confused, we’re off-balance.  This is one of the reasons we need to raise up the Lion of Judah in us, so we can cause the enemy to be off-balance.

When we walk in God’s authority, we can say NO! in Jesus’ name and the enemy’s rush against us can be thwarted; stopped because he is confused. We need to individually and corporately rise up and walk in our authority, the authority of the Lion of Judah.

Debbie Powell is the IAHR Manager at the Spokane Headquarters.