God Changed Everything!

I came to the Healing Rooms for prayer. I was hounded by all my past failures and current sin. To name but a few: adultery, covetousness, and passing judgement on myself for not doing what I should and doing what I shouldn't. I had all but lost hope in myself and my sanctification. I came not really expecting anything but God changed everything.

In a matter of a minute He softened a heart that I had made hard through disobedience. He freed me from the chains that I had put back on and He healed my back that was out of alignment and had been giving me much trouble and pain.

On this day I confessed my sins and God healed me, freed me and made me right with Him again. On this day God changed everything!

Brandon C. - Spokane Healing Rooms, Spokane, Washington

Complete Peace

I was on my way to Spokane Mental Health but stopped at the Healing Rooms instead. I was suffering from so much anxiety and depression that my skin was on fire. I sat in a waiting room chair, bumping my head against the wall because the internal and external pain was so great.

I received prayer and, later that night, the largest being (an angel) appeared before my bed. It began to hover above me. It looked me straight in the eyes and commanded, "REST!"

Then it turned its head toward the right and massive wings began to wrap around me - I was completely encased. I don't recall anything else until the morning. It was the first time in 2 years that I'd slept. Later that day I noticed a moment of COMPLETE peace. It was only a moment but the Spirit let me know that the moments would increase each day until, finally, the anxiety was gone.

That was 6 years ago! I haven't experienced anxiety again - no matter what has happened in my life! Thank you, Lord, my God!

Lisa N. - Spokane Healing Rooms, Spokane, Washington

No More Pain

I went in for prayer for my tail bone area. I thought something went wrong after losing weight because I ended up having pain whenever I sat down.

After being prayed for the prayer minister give a word concerning slander that was spoken against me. When that was broken off, the prayer for healing manifested. It was simple and gentle. The Lord told me, "It's easy for Me."

Since then I've been pain free! Whenever any thoughts come into my mind that cause doubt, I rebuke it as lies and a peace comes over me. Praise the Lord!

Donna L. - Spokane Healing Rooms, Spokane, Washington