Supreme Rest - Thomas Benson


Thomas Benson

Thomas Benson

When the Lord told me He wanted me to rest, be still, be quiet, don’t worry, and rejoice, I thought about the Scriptures that reference how we need to strive to enter His rest (Heb. 3 and 4). I also remembered what Bill Johnson said — that the Lord lives in every one of us, but He rests on very few. I believe that coming into that place of rest the Lord is referring to is a place of complete trust, a knowing that God has your back no matter what. I think that it’s only when you have entered into that place of supreme rest that the Lord is able to truly rest on you.

He will not come to rest on a place of turmoil or a place of fear; He will come and minister to you in that place but He will not come to rest there.

It is from that place that we can begin to operate in the authority of God and also in His power. We throw those words around so lightly without stopping to think what they really mean. It’s important to believe that you have this but it is an altogether different animal when you KNOW that you have it, you KNOW that what you speak will happen.

I also think that when we talk about having the mind of Christ we do not really understand what that means. It’s not just having Christ-like thoughts or being able to read someone’s mail prophetically or give them a word of knowledge; it is much more far-reaching than that.

It’s beginning to see what God sees and understands; seeing and understanding things that have not even been created yet in eternity and what they will look like. I don’t know how else to explain it; it’s being able to think clearly in the middle of a storm or when everyone else is panicked, it’s that place of rest. Only hearing one Voice and one Voice alone. I need more revelation on what it all means.

This coming year will be a year you will want to be at rest in the Lord for many reasons. The best one is that for those positioned in a place of rest and trust, there will be doors that begin to open for you.

It’s not enough to have an open door, you have to walk through it. It sounds easy but it will take faith on your part. Quite often open doors do not look very open or very enticing. They are much easier to discern from a place of rest.

One last thing, I believe that many of us will find out how many open doors we missed when we stand before the Lord. Let’s not miss any more as the largest and most dramatic ones await us in 2016.

Just remember Mark 9:23 If you can believe, all things are possible to him that believes.

Have a great 2016. The BEST is yet to come!

Thomas Benson is the Head Intercessor at the Headquarters in Spokane, WA, USA