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Cal Pierce
Cal Pierce

God makes His people to be visionary. When we walk in God’s vision, He releases His provision for its fulfillment. When God gives us vision, it is so that we can see something in the future that He wants fulfilled. As we begin to fulfill the vision, divine appointments begin to occur that provide us with the means to see it happen. The Word, or will, of God provides us the plans for all vision to become reality. With vision you see something in the realm of the supernatural then begin it fulfill it by the will of God, bringing it into the natural realm. Vision allows us to see what is coming. It is established by walking in faith.

If God is Spirit and He has provision in His Kingdom realm then we have to have supernatural vision to see it. In Proverbs 29, verse 18, God tells us, “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” The word perish means to do nothing. In other words, when we can’t see it, we won’t do it.

When I was a real estate developer, I had to have vision. When I would purchase an empty lot. I had vision for the building that would be built there. The building didn’t exist in the seeing realm but I could see it in my spirit. I had to develop plans, loans, bids, permits and everything needed to bring about the vision I had for the building. I had to have vision long before I had the building. Without the vision, I would do nothing. This is what God is saying to us, without vision this people perish or do nothing.

Sometimes we think vision is only for visionary people but we all must have vision. We cannot walk by faith if we have no vision. If faith is the substance of things hoped for then we need vision to see what is hoped for when it doesn’t yet exist in the natural realm. Natural vision sees what already exists in the world. Kingdom vision sees what exists in the Spirit realm; what is available to be established in the natural world. Through supernatural vision we then bring God’s Kingdom on earth as it is in Heaven.

Visionary people see into the future. They see what God sees because it is God who releases vision to them. If it is God‘s will to heal the sick, work miracles and bring signs and wonders, then we must have vision in order to bring them about. If we don’t have vision to see it first then we perish and do nothing.

Let’s all be visionary so we can see that God wants us to do to establish His Kingdom on earth.