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David Hauser

David Hauser

As a Twig is Bent so Grows the Tree


I have always been a ‘grace person’, probably because I needed it.  Grace drew me to God!  Charis, the Greek word, spoke to me about the Father's love for all of His creation.  I am encouraging all of us, as we pray for people, to remember God's patience with us. 


Over the last three days, the Father through the work of the Holy Spirit has allowed me to share and pray with people on the Metro Rail, Sam's Club, and Price Club.  Two out of the three were amazingly responsive to His Presence.

In Romans 5:20, one translation says, "Where sin did abound, grace did super-abound." Some people complain about Grace. They see it as a free ride to sinning.  They do not understand that Grace is the ruling factor with righteousness as its purpose. It gives me hope if I fall short of His purposes.  In the Message paraphrase it says, "Sin doesn't have a chance with ‘aggressive forgiveness’ which we call Grace."


I was watching a show on TV; a wife asked a friend to help her husband, who had gotten back into drugs and other problems.  She said, "How many times can I ask you to save him.” The friend replied, "As many times as you need too."

A final thought Isaiah 54:10; it says, “The mountains will be shaken, and hills will be removed, yet my unfailing love will not be shaken, nor my covenant of peace be removed."

It's hard for me to explain my feelings about God's grace, His love, and His compassion I feel from Him toward me, even when there are voices from the enemy that say, “You don't deserve it.”  Yes, I don't deserve it.  His ways though are above my ways! Always ask God for a Baptism of His Love when we pray for others.


David Hauser

David and Glendae Hauser are IAHR Regional Directors and reside in California, USA.