Follow up to a Healing from Crones Disease

July 9, 2003Almost a year ago I came for 3 days and got as much prayer for healing from Crones as I could get. I walked in with so much bondage and was really imprisoned by my sin. Not only did I get completely healed but I was also radically changed in the last year! I have begun moving in healing and in the prophetic. The Lord has put in my heart a burning desire for the nations. I will be going to Brazil in August and am hoping to go to China in 2004.

I am so very grateful for the deliverance and healing I have received, I pray that the Lord will continue to increase in this place.

Nicole F. - Spokane Healing Rooms, Washington, USA

April 21, 2016 - Today Nicole came to visit us to testify to the fact that she is totally healed to this day and that God has allowed her to minister all over the world for His glory!


Nucahl Miracle Baby Follow Up

Three years ago a pair of grandparents from the other side of the state walked into our Healing Rooms obviously distraught with the news that their grandson had just been born with the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck 4 or 5 times. He was born without life and they had to resuscitate him. The grandparents asked for prayer before they went back up to the hospital to see their beautiful new grandchild.

The doctor’s diagnosis was glum. If the baby ‘did’ survive it might be just through the night and, if by some ‘miracle’ he made it through the night, he would most likely have Cerebral Palsy, be deaf and blind, mentally challenged and on a respirator. Our hearts went out to them so we asked if we could go up to the hospital to pray for this beautiful child of God.

Esther, our Pastoral Director of the Healing Rooms, and Merrily, a team member, went up to the hospital to pray over this child. Merrily asked if they had named him yet. They had not, so the parents named him Justin. Then Esther called Justin by his name and called forth his destiny.

The next morning the grandparents came in again to the Healing Rooms, this time with huge smiles on their faces saying that Justin was responding so well that they removed the life support because his internal organs were functioning on their own! The physicians were more than amazed, but our God likes to show off and He did!

Little Justin just came into the Healing Rooms this morning to visit us.  He is a happy, completely normal 3-year-old. A walking miracle that has a huge destiny on him in the coming years. He also has connections with the Great Physician and would be happy to share that number with any of you - 1-555-Jesus!