Report from India


Note: The following is a report received from the IAHR National Director of India, Abraham Sekhar, in review of the recent ministry in India.


Dearly beloved

The long awaited visit of Cal Pierce, the International Director of Healing Rooms Ministries, Spokane Washington materialized for the 5th Anniversary Celebration of India Healing Rooms. The Anniversary Celebration and impartation of Healing Rooms ministry anointing upon the new Pastors and leaders were held in 3 strategical cities of India.

The general program of the Anniversary celebration and impartation of Ministry anointing was in the following manner.

It included the challenge given by Abraham Sekhar, National director of India Healing Rooms on how the Lord is moving mightily in the nation and all over the world with healing anointing (Lk 4:18), to cleanse and preserve the individual in body soul and spirit (I Thes 5 :23) for his glorious return and how this will influence the community and the nation to bring in the healing for the whole land so that His kingdom is upon the earth prior to His Return.

Cal impressed and shared on how the healing anointing and healing ministry are sweeping the globe and then gave an account on the redigging of the wells of Healing Rooms Ministry started by John G Lake in the early 1900, which has now spread over 52 nations with over 1300 healing rooms. He also visualized and prophetically endorsed on how India with its millions of people are receiving the Fresh move of the Spirit to bring in the multitudes into His kingdom thru' Healing rooms ministry.

A cultural program was included to give taste of the community.

MUMBAI-The population of this city is about 18 million. This city is called the commercial capital of India and its like the New York of India. Strategically the monument 'GateWay of India' built here represents that every good and bad things enter into India thru this city. Bollywood is as famous as Hollywood. 65% of the population lives in slums. In general, over 85% of Indian population is sick in some form or the other.

Strategically Healing rooms ministry too started from here. We started with 3 healing rooms in Nov, 2005 when the first training was held. Healing Rooms model was introduced in all the churches of our network and we have 27 healing rooms in Mumbai and 72 in the home state Maharastra while completing 5 years now. Dan and Sara from San Diego Healing Rooms, Lee and Dorris from Kansas and Merlyn and John Edwards and team of Brisbane Healing Rooms, and Simmone and the team of Springfield Healing Rooms visited frequently and contributed their input in terms of training and finance and were part of the growth.

On 8th Nov 2010 we had our 5th Anniversary celebrations bringing in all the Pastors, leaders and those who had offered their commitment to be in the ministry team of the existing healing rooms and those who wanted to know more about the healing rooms ministry and those willing to implement the model. We limited our invitees to 320 and the delegates finally exceeded 400 and we had to order additional food for them.

Cal along with his team laid hands on all the delegates, representing their areas in Mumbai city and interior Maharastra state and imparted this anointing and released them to go back and not only to carry the anointing but also to initiate the healing rooms prayers in their locations.

46 leaders have committed to start healing rooms in their locations.

NAGPUR-This city has a population over 4 million and it's the geometrical centre of our Land India. It has a pole installed and it's called as Centre Point at this geometrical centre. All train and road routes are connected to different parts of the nation from this City. Spiritual forces of darkness claims this city devoted to snake god and so its called Nagpur. The state government has their winter assembly sessions in this city.

It was strategical to bring in the leaders and pastors of central India and northern India into this city for training. Merilyin and her team from Australia had conducted a training in beginning of 2009 and we had started 42 healing rooms.

John, Merilyn, Simmonne, Philoo, Judith and Heather landed in Mumbai on 6th Nov and preached in worship services in Mumbai churches on 7th morning and then went to Nagpur to conduct the training for 114 pastors and leaders on 8th and 9th Nov 2010.

Cal, Abraham and Sheila Sekhar, John Sonneland went on 9th and had the anniversary celebrations and impartation ministry on 10th.

Local pastors and leaders joined on 10th to hear Cal and team imparting the vision and ministry of Healing Rooms. The total number of delegates inclusive of the local ministry team representatives was 312.

All those who were trained have committed to start healing rooms in their churches, house churches, cell groups and have also invited training team to come to Raipur for 35 leaders, Indore 16, Punjab over 50, Kolkata over 30, Orissa 27 and about 200 in Bhopal, MP.

CHENNAI-History indicates with proofs that one of the 12 apostles, Thomas had landed in India in the southern coastal area in Kerala and then travelled on the coastal areas and landed in Chennai in 52AD. He was preaching the gospel and established believing communities in all these places and finally was martyred in this city in 72AD.

Over the years, God has vindicated the blood that was shed by Thomas, and the believers population in the states of Kerala and Tamilnadu (Chennai is the capital city) is considerable. Many national missionaries have gone to the northern parts of India from these states and have established many churches. The spiritual atmosphere is warm and there is hunger and thirst for the gospel.

The anniversary celebration was attended by pastors and leaders and ministry team from different parts of Tamilnadu and the total number of delegates were 334 inclusive of the existing healing rooms directors.

There was a great response and representatives have invited the training team to come and train the pastors and leaders in different parts of this state, Trichy for 200, Kanyakumari/Trinelveli 140, Coimbatore 200 and Vellore 70.

It is the responsibility of the trainers to go and teach and train for opening of healing rooms in all these places.

It is clearly witnessed that THE HOLY SPIRIT is moving in this nation with healing anointing NOW.

By Feb 2011, we propose to finish training and will have new healing rooms started in 1014 locations. And the total number of healing rooms in churches will be 1419 inclusive of the existing 405.

Bless his holy Name.

The challenge is still greater.

We are expecting some more international directors and visitors to come to India and add another 1000 during next year.

It's not the number but it's the Holy Spirit and expansion of HIS KINGDOM. Amen.

Sozo Training: Marie and Team had done two days seminar on Sozo in Mumbai for 104 delegates and then in Polichaloor for the ministry team of 52 and then for pastors and leaders in Arakkonam for 76.

This teachings have enlightened many pastors into knowing some unknown truths in their own lives and for the ministry.

We propose to have her and the team during next year 2011 in 4 major cities with at least 100 key leaders in each city.

The Australian Team John, Merilyn, Simmonne, Philoo, Judith, and Heather conducted healing rooms training in Nagpur and went to Hyderabad to train 54 delegates and 34 have committed to start healing rooms in their own churches. Some of them have asked the trainers to come to their cities and towns, Rajamundry 70, Warangal 40, Ongal 35, Guntur 70. This will be inaddition to what is listed above.

The Fire is spreading. Bless his Name.