Healed of Scoliosis

A lady there came for prayer. She was bent over at right angles and I asked her whether it was scoliosis, which she confirmed. She had 2 rods inserted in her back 35 years previously. I mentioned that this lady was afflicted and we would cast out the spirit of affliction as well as the spirit of scoliosis. She was not Possessed but was Oppressed.

After about five minutes, this lady started to straighten up and as she came into eye contact, this small voice said, “This is the first time in 30 years that I have been able to see someone eye to eye.”

All of us were in awe of the God we serve with tears running down our faces. It is incredible to see the power of God free a dear sister from her affliction.

Windsor Healing Rooms - Nova Scotia, CA

Emotional Wounds

In a recent session, a woman with 4th stage cancer in one breast came in. We ministered the Love of God, the Father’s Blessing and Words of Life from the Word over her. A deep sense of conviction came upon her and she shared a deep emotional wound that she had carried for 20 years. She repented, confessed and forgave herself.

Her face lit up with JOY. She literally DANCED out of the Healing Room. We fully expect to hear her testimony of FULL healing and restoration - no more cancer. Why? Because time and again in the Healing Rooms as clients have released unforgiveness and bitterness, the door opens wide for healing to flow.

Winnipeg Healing Rooms - Winnipeg, MB

Healed of Arrhythmia

A friend of mine started having arrhythmia 7 years ago, which required a pace maker to control. This progressed to the point that he needed an ablation, which did not work. He came to us in November for prayer and when he went in January for a CT scan, the heart transplant doctor, in his report, ended with the sentence, “Is it possible that this patient has received some form of treatment elsewhere?”

Yes, he had! He was completely healed. Thank you, Jesus!

Windsor Healing Rooms - Nova Scotia, CA

Delivered from Addiction

I came to the Healing Rooms at the start of March 2016. I asked to be prayed for deliverance of my addiction to prescription pain pills. I was in a detox clinic 2 weeks later and have been clean for 71 days. I thank Jesus for this and believe in teh power of prayer. Thank to those who prayed for me!

Teresa B. - Spokane Healing Rooms, USA