The Flame of His Love - Cathy Hopkins


Cathy Hopkins

Cathy Hopkins

As I sat on my deck spending time with Holy Spirit, I started what I wanted to be the last song in my worship time. The Wick by Housefires. Very simple lyrics. My heart is the wick, Your love is the flame, and I want to burn for Your Name. It played and I started it again, and again......

Then the Spirit of God began to move on my heart.

Your love ignites me Lord
Ignites and purifies me
Burns off the lies of the enemy
Till all that is left is who You created me to be
Who You say I am
Uniquely me within the flame of Your love


A flame that draws me
A flame that ignites me
A flame that engulfs me
A flame that delights me
A flame that delivers me
A flame that forms me

A baptism of Fire is a baptism of Love, Your Love Your love engulfing me And You, Holy Spirit, the oil that keeps me burning, that fuels me with Truth Truth of the Love and Faithfulness of my Father Fuels me,

Continually convincing me of the Father’s steadfastness
Continually convincing me Your motives are for my good, always good
Continually convincing me that I’m never alone
Continually convincing me I have destiny and purpose
Continually convincing me I am forever in Your Presence

The fire appears orange and red in color at first
But as the flame of Your love burns away the lies of the enemy

Lies of failure
Lies of valuelessness
Lies of self disgust
Lies of _________ (you fill in the blank)

Candle fire

The colors change as each lie is burned away under the flame of Your love
The black smoke is evidence it is all leaving my soul
Until the flame becomes white, brilliant, pure
Your love burning so pure upon and within me
Lighting the area around me
Then touching other wicks so that Your love ignites them also
And they begin to burn under the power of the flame of Your love
Your love moves through each precious one destroying the power (lies) of the enemy (Acts 10:38)

Cathy Hopkins is on the prayer team and the IAHR Assistant at Spokane Headquarters in Spokane, WA.