Something's Breaking in the Spirit - Linda Keough


Linda Keough
Linda Keough

Something’s breaking in the Spirit realm, can you feel it?

The Mighty Waves are rising up! The still waters, the flat waters, the places where nothing seemed to be moving are swelling up; there is a rising up. There is a stirring in the Spirit.

Not by might, not by power but by My Spirit says the Lord.  It is not yourself, it is Him. It is Him rising up in us.

For He is the Glory and the lifter of our heads. The waters in your belly are being stirred up, so that is will be released into the atmosphere.  Open your mouth and release the Word of the Lord, the Key is in your mouth. The Word of God coming out of you will be like lightnings, it is like thunder. It is like the hail that hit Texas, it will pummel the enemy and it will move mountains.

Glory to God, that excites me. Go, God!

Linda Keough is the Travel Coordinator at the Spokane Headquarters and she and her husband, John, are the Regional Directors of Hawaii.