Word for Healing Rooms Spokane


During worship at our church last month, the Father revealed this Word to me in a vision. I was in the air above the Northwest to see it similar to how you would view on Google Earth. He then showed a large raindrop fall from Heaven onto Spokane. This raindrop caused a ripple across the land like a raindrop on a pond. This ripple stretched north to Banff, BC, Canada, east to Missoula, MT south to Pullman/Moscow, ID and west to Yakima, WA.

This is what the Lord said to me -

I am bringing rain to the Inland Northwest. This rain will quench the thirsty land and produce fruits and vegetation. With this rain I am sending My Spirit. I am pouring out My anointing on the Inland Northwest. From Spokane, My anointing will ripple north to Banff, east to Missoula, south to Pullman/Moscow, and west to Yakima. This area will be known as a place of Light, and sin will not be welcome in this place, nor will it be found.

Spokane will once again be known as the healthiest place in the United States. I am blessing and anointing this area because of the work and faithfulness of Healing Rooms. Spokane’s hospitals will be blessed because of your work. You, Healing Rooms, will be in a symbiotic relationship with the hospitals of Spokane. When they cannot heal the sick, they will send the sick to your doors to be healed. This will be common protocol for them.

Set your eyes on Me and listen for My voice. I will guide and direct you. The foundations were set before you. You constructed the building; now watch me fill it with My presence.

Ryan Ewing is the Director of the Healing Rooms of Pocatello/Fort Hall in Idaho, USA.