Healthy Baby

A young couple came in around 4 months ago needing prayer over their unborn child. The doctors had advised them to abort the baby due to possible complications in vitro. We prayed over this couple and spoke life and destiny over the unborn child.

Last week the same couple came in and brought their 4 day-old baby boy who, by the way, was absolutely perfect in every way. Praise to God for His power over this unborn child's life and the protection through the birthing process.

God is good!!!

Spokane Healing Rooms, Washington, USA

Ankle Healed

Seven of us ended up going up to Spokane last weekend for additional IAHR training and an evening conference with Shawn Bolz. We were so blessed to be able to go and be taught by the incredible team at the International Healing Rooms headquarters! On Saturday we were privileged to be taught by one of the generals of our faith, Cal Pierce. He is an amazing man of God who, through His obedience, has great wisdom and insight into the Scriptures and God's heart for divine healing and health for His children. After the class, Cal graciously prayed over and imparted to each of us attending. We are so grateful for the opportunity and the blessing!

Training is available at the Healing Rooms Headquarters most months - check their website for the schedule. We had all gone through the training locally - which was great, but going up to Spokane for training is even better! So if you get the opportunity, go!

While checking into one of the motels, our 'shy' group was speaking with the reception gals. They had inquired what brought us to Spokane, and we told them! One of our group then asked if any of them (there were 3 young ladies) needed prayer for anything. One of the ladies volunteered that she had an ankle problem and we invited her to come out in the hallway for prayer. And she did!

It turned out she had had surgery previously for a shattered ankle and had metal screws and a plate. And now the doctors were recommending additional surgery, which she did not want to go through. So our group shared testimonies of metal disappearing from people and proceeded to pray for her. Her eyes widened when she realized she had the ability to move her foot in ways she had not been able to since the injury and surgery!

Later, the Lord impressed on two of our team to go back down to the desk and pray for her again, which they did. The young lady told them that some of the screws had already disappeared and she felt she had greater ability to move her foot around than before! Yahoo Jesus! It was so sweet to see her receiving the love of the Father through each one of us. What a blessing to carry His love and joy and spread Him everywhere we go!

EPIC Healing Rooms, Oregon, USA

Blood Clot Gone

"Last week I went to the Healing Rooms in Marlton having a blood clot in my lung. I asked God for a sign of healing. Two days after, I went to the hospital and got a CAT scan and the blood clot is gone. Thank you, Jesus."

Melissa, Healing Rooms of Marlton, New Jersey, USA