Prophecy Over America


This prophecy was originally given on March 1st, 2004 at a conference in Great Britain yet remained "hidden" to the American people until now. We believe God has brought it to the forefront at this appointed hour as a rhema word to the United States in this season.


To the United States.
To the one that I kept for myself.
The one that I hid for a time appointed.
I created you out of my chosen around the world
and I raised you up to be my sword against the
unrighteousness of man.
For this cause I have strengthened you to bring
war and peace.
To stop the sins of man against man. Your time
has not yet come to an end, for the atrocities of
man are not yet over.
Therefore, do not back up or stop wielding the
sword of righteousness and war.
But prepare yourself to war and pray yet many
times more.
To give you strength, I will again cause my waves
of renewal and refreshing to come to you.
I say therefore to my Holy Angels take the golden
bucket and dip in the waters of life and pour out
upon my Righteous Republic.
Dip the 2nd time and pour out. Then dip the 3rd time
and pour out.
So shall my chosen be covered from shore to shore,
from north to south with my glory.
For many nations will align themselves against you
but the strength of my glory shall strengthen you
and keep you until the time of the end is finished.
And then I will give you a position with the sheep
nations at my right hand and reward you for your
great labor for me.