Amazing Healings in England

“We love telling the stories of those whose lives are changed by miraculous healing,” says Rev. Ruth Scorey, Director of Norfolk Healing Rooms with her husband Rev. Ray Scorey.
  • This year, after we prayed for a chap with hopeless end-stage prostate cancer, his oncologist was able to tell him that his cancer levels were so low that he didn’t need chemotherapy after all. Healing is a process and we fully expect this gentlemen’s healing to continue until he is completely well.
  • A pastor with a brain tumour in Germany received a prayer cloth (see Acts 19:12), which we had anointed with oil and prayer, and the cancer disappeared, completely foxing the doctors.
  • A lady in her thirties came to us for prayer after a heart attack and afterwards her cardiologist declared her fit, without the need for a stent.
  • A young lass in her twenties came for inner healing, after a life of prostitution and has since married and trained as a nurse.
  • A young father, searching for meaning in crystals, walked into our motorhome in June and discovered God as his foundation.
“Often these healings result from the team hearing words of knowledge and scripture, which help us to get straight to the root of the problem. Sometimes, as with the young girl, healing involves cutting off past ties so that the person can walk into the life that God planned for them. It’s very exciting to see lives completely turned around. God has such love for mankind and fills us up so beautifully, without oppression or judgement, it’s quite a privilege to be able to give this away freely.”

"A New Creation"

"Coming to the Healing Rooms was different and strange, but I came as a skeptic. I just wanted a change in my life. I had been going in and out of the California Prison system and prison gangs. Also, (I was) on mental health pills for bi-polar disorder, depression and Dilatin for seizure disorder. I was a total mess. Something took place at the Healing Rooms. I have been healed, I'm not in prison or on probation. I'm sober and a new creation in Christ. I've been out of prison almost 3 years. Jesus gets all the Glory, Honor and Praise... Just Believe!"

Raymond T. - Spokane Healing Rooms, Washington, USA

Tumor Dissolved

I had a tumor in my neck that dissolved completely while being prayed for. Also had chest pains and a stomach ache, all pain left my body.

Delali - Spokane Healing Rooms, Washington, USA