I came having a lot of mental clutter that was holding me down. I knew when I came that there wasn’t going to be any condemnation or shame placed on me. I was taken back to a room where three prayer warriors quickly brought the issue to light. I was majorly set free and had a love encounter that I never experienced before. Thank you, Jesus, for this mighty ministry.

A.J. - Hagerstown, MD - USA


Leg Grew, Pain Gone

My right leg was shorter by a ¼ inch. I’ve had much pain over the last 2 years. My L3 vertebrae was out  ¼ inch. So I went in for prayer.  As the team checked the length of my legs, one was shorter. We started laughing. We stopped laughing and then he looked down and the man said , "Your legs are even and I didn’t even pray yet.” We laughed again.

When I saw my chiropractor, he wrote in the medical chart, "It appears that the Lord grew out Wendy’s leg.” He had never written that in medical notes before. He checked me on 3 different occasions, because he couldn’t believe it. Praise God! He said, "It was miraculous.”

Wendy - Burlington, WA - USA


Two Eyes Healed

Judy, a team member, was praying for a woman who could not see properly out of her right eye and had a backache. As Judy prayed for the woman's eye, it was healed and at the same time her back was sovereignly healed!!

Then Judy shared that she could not read out of her one eye but as God healed her guest's eye, He also healed Judy’s own eye!! Wow, God is good!

Cape Town, Western Cape South Africa