Plowing Through! - Cathy Hopkins


Cathy Hopkins

During our corporate worship time this morning I saw a picture of a snow plow, not a small one either, but one of the large ones where the blade is at least 6’-8’ tall. 

I immediately remembered a situation back in 1987 when I lived in western Kansas. We had received a huge March blizzard, two back to back snowfalls, each one delivering 8“-10” of heavy snow just three days apart with high winds that created very large snow drifts. We lived in the country at the time and thankfully we made it into town during the first snow to stay with my in-laws, as our power had gone out.

A couple days after the second snowfall my husband and father-in-law attempted to drive out to our place to check on it. They were very thankful to find themselves behind a snowplow, however, at one point they ended up sitting behind that plow for 20 minutes while it worked to break through a very large drift.

I sensed in this the Lord speaking about ‘The Breakthrough’ for situations in life in this season for us all.

While my husband and father-in-law sat those 20 minutes as the plow worked diligently to break through the snow drifts, and though they did not move as they waited, they watched with anticipation for the plow to break through the snow, they knew it would only take time. (Father give us eyes to see)

I also heard His heart reminding me we are the ones that fuel the plow. (There is territory to take, ground to break up, where the enemy has stolen from us all.) We fuel it (the angelic hosts) with our declaration, resting in Him in the waiting, with HOPE: intense, earnest anticipation of His goodness being manifest in our lives.

Our confession is very important, it actually shows us where our heart is… Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. Fill your hearts with the Hope of His promises and KNOW He is faithful, and True to His Word.

Father, I stand with my brothers and sisters and encourage them to take this picture, this word, and See Your Goodness, knowing it will prevail in this hour over every situation, every promise You have spoken to each one of us, over our families, cities, regions, nations. You are a Good, Good Father, Your promises are Yes and Amen!

Cathy Hopkins is on the prayer team and the IAHR Assistant at Spokane Headquarters in Spokane, WA.