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Cal Pierce
Cal Pierce

The Condition of the Body

We, as pastors and leaders, need to be aware of the condition of God’s people. It is not hard to look out at our congregations and see that most of them are in poor health. There has been a tendency to not want to address the issue of health with God’s people. We don’t mind addressing the spiritual and emotional health and even healing for the physical body but that’s as far as we have been willing to go. It is difficult to venture into new areas as we might be concerned about how the people will respond. Let me assure you, God’s people do not like to be unhealthy, sick and dying. At the last conference I spoke at about health, I asked the people, “How many of you like to be unhealthy, tired and sick?” Not one raised their hand. I then asked, “How many of you like to be healthy?” And all raised their hand.

Our thinking has been the church takes care of the spiritual things of God’s people and the world will take care of the physical things regarding their health. After all, we have a health care system that takes care of them. The truth is we don’t have a health care system, we have a disease management system. We become unhealthy and sick then we go to the doctor for treatment on how to manage the problem.

The root cause of God’s people being unhealthy comes from what we put in our mouth. Our food system is profit driven, not health driven. We are eating processed food that is filled with sugar causing people to be addicted through a craving that drives product sales. A prolonged sugar craving can lead to obesity and Type II diabetes. Some statistics show that the percentage of Americans with diabetes and pre-diabetes is approaching 50% of our population.  It is common knowledge that we have a pandemic of obesity in America. The Washington Post put out an article recently that for the first time since 1993, life expectancy in America has declined. We have become a nation of unhealthy people. We, as pastors and leaders, must realize that the world’s system isn’t helping us to become healthy.

God created His people to live a long and healthy life. We each have a future and destiny to serve Him with our life. The enemy knows that and will bring not only emotional trauma but physical trauma to steal our destiny. Jesus, through redemption, destroyed this work of the enemy. Being filled with the Holy Spirit gives us the power to receive our healing and then walk in health. Our message to God’s people should bring life and health, both spiritually and physically.

If our society cannot bring health to God’s people, we can; by bringing God’s word on healing and health. We must create an atmosphere where people can be supported and encouraged for their whole person, spirit, mind and body, to receive healing and health.