Released from Neuropathy

A man who had suffered with chronic pain from neuropathy came for prayer. He shuffled into the room. The Holy Spirit highlighted a spiritual stronghold of trauma over him. He confirmed that he had been shot while serving in the armed services. Once the spirit of trauma was broken off, his physical healing manifested!

He came out of the prayer room with a radiant smile on his face. He exclaimed all pain was gone! He began to step around in the waiting room and touched his toes. His wife said he had not been able to do that in a long time.

Praise God for His tender mercies and healing power extended to this man!

- Northshore Healing Rooms, Washington, USA


Healing and Blessings

A couple came for the kids to pray for them a few weeks ago.  They wrote on the chart, as the kids say, “religious requests” – to be a better husband/wife, better pastor, hear God, etc.  The kids asked, "Well, do you have anything wrong with you?" The man said he was fighting an ear infection and was believing for his healing.  The kids replied, "We are going after that."

They decided who would pray first and after his prayer the man said, "Wow."  They asked why he said wow.  He answered, "My ear popped and all the pain is gone." The other kids said, "Well, I guess now we will pray about the blessing stuff.  God bless his marriage.  God bless…."

It was really funny.  They started laughing and knew God had just refreshed them!

- Healing Rooms of Hopkins County, Kentucky, USA


Healed of Overdose

Jay - One of our team members received an urgent call about a young lady who had overdosed, vomited and then chocked on her vomit. She was in the hospital, on life support and unresponsive. Two team members went immediately to pray for her. After praying, they were able to minister to the mother and uncle. Four days later we got word that she was out of hospital and totally healed."

-River's Edge Healing Rooms, Indiana, USA


Eczema Healed

Janie B. - I received prayer at the Healing Rooms for a skin type condition like eczema. Since it comes and goes, I totally forgot about it until my personal prayer time when God revealed He had healed it! Normally it got worse in the winter time, especially when it's very cold outside. With the cold we have had I was like, "Wow, You're right. I don't remember the last time I had an eczema spot."

I have been going through a lot of forgiving of things that God had laid on my heart as well. Woo hoo, another testimony of God's healing and faithfulness!

-Healing Rooms of the Northern Plains, North Dakota, USA


Vertigo Gone

Micky H. - I had suffered from vertigo for over 8 years. Over the last year and a half, it had gotten quite debilitating and was strongly affecting my quality of life. After coming to the Healing Rooms a few times over the last couple of months, I am completely free of vertigo! Praise our Heavenly Father for this miraculous healing! I am so grateful and humbled by His grace and unending mercy!

-Healing Rooms of the Northern Plains, North Dakota, USA


Cancer Free

One man recognized that the tumors that had invaded his body were not from the Lord, and came to receive prayer for healing. He had a tumor on his pancreas, causing him excruciating pain, which left after he received prayer at the Healing Rooms.

Over time, he became tempted by alcohol again and developed another tumor, about the size of a golf ball on his liver. His doctor told him his chances were not good, but this man trusted in our merciful God and sought His forgiveness and restoration. He came back to the healing rooms, with a contrite heart before God, and as they prayed, he “saw” something in him that was dark and ugly and it was leaving him!  When it left, he felt completely free, not only cancer free! With tears of gratitude he began to rejoice in what the Lord had done for him once again knowing that our God is a God of mercy and miracles.

The very next day he was scheduled for a full PET scan which later showed that all traces of the cancerous tumor were gone!

- Freedom House Healing Rooms, California, USA