The Rock


Carol Krum
Carol Krum

In light of the winter runoff that we are beginning to experience here in the Northwest, I’ve been reminded of a previous season following an extremely harsh winter when, on a beautiful sunny afternoon, I was compelled to drive down to the river in order to experience the beauty of the majestic rushing water slicing through the heart of our city.  While walking across a bridge, I stopped to gaze in wonder at the ferocious velocity of power before my eyes.  At one point all that could be seen was a wall of white water moving with such a deafening force, leaving me momentarily breathless.  Up ahead, I noticed a huge bolder protruding right up out of the center of the river, unmovable against the force of water slamming against it as the river made its way around the massive presence.  What a sight and sound to behold!  Nature will have its way!

Later that night, while in the presence of the Lord, I was thanking Him for allowing me to live in a city where I was able to “taste and see” the beauty of His creation.  As I reflected on that mighty scene, I found myself seeing a spiritual symbolism that could easily be applied to life.  How often we find ourselves moving along in our routine of living then something happens to upend our world. It’s safe to say that it happens more than we care to admit, but only to those who are breathing, present company included!  Then right in the midst of whatever it is that has caught us up in the upheaval, something else happens.  It can involve health, money, work, children, marriage, family, relationships or countless other possibilities, all of which the enemy of our souls is lurking around looking for ways to take us down.

As I was reflecting on just such a time in my own life, I saw that huge ROCK planted right in the heart of that mighty river.  When the forces that had come against me were causing me to wonder how I would survive all that was coming at me, I was given this physical vision of a spiritual truth.  Indeed there are times when we really are not in control of the events occurring in our lives.  But God!  Oh, yes, But God!  As I pondered who that ROCK represented, of course, I saw Jesus.

Never does He abandon us to destruction, hopelessness or fear.  It is at a time such as this that we are faced with a moment of decision.  Do we choose to keep our gaze fixed on the problems, troubles and trials before us?  Or do we look to Jesus?  After all, He is right there in the middle of it all, unmovable and solid, with His arms outstretched to catch us and protect us, to keep us safe and secure in His embrace. He is our healer.  He is our sure foundation, our refuge and our strength.  He is our fortress in the battle, our ever present help in time of trouble.  He is the Rock of our salvation who will never turn us away or reject us.  He is our comforter, the Lover of our souls, our provider.  He is faithful, trustworthy, kind and gentle.  He is our peace and consolation.  He is our Friend!

So whether we find ourselves in a peaceful stream or a raging river, when we see a rock jutting up in the midst of its movement, may we be mindful of Who stands strong, unchanging and unmoving, always welcoming and ready to whisk us into His loving arms.  All praise and all thanksgiving be unto Him, our mighty Lord!

Carol Krum is the Partner Coordinator at the Spokane Headquarters and our resident encourager in joy.