Healing Rooms Around the World - Inverclyde, Scotland


People from all walks of life are invited to drop in and find out what the Healing Rooms offer and do.

Local director Chris Jewell said: "Inverclyde Healing Rooms are run in conjunction with Healing Rooms Scotland and Inverclyde Christian Initiative. Christians from all denominations help in the healing rooms where we offer to pray for all kinds of medical conditions and other situations people find themselves in.

"While we are not trained counsellors, we do have training in the healing ministry and are so happy to pray briefly with people about their conditions and situations. And it has been marvellous to hear of the results and changes in people’s lives thereafter. All tell us they feel the benefit of these prayers and some come back and tell us of their healings. Recent ones include relief from pain in the legs and arms, relief from grieving for loved ones who have died, skin conditions, fears of many kinds and other types of pain as well as overcoming particular habits they want rid of.

"Healing was central in Jesus Christ's ministry while physically on earth. In the New Testament in the Bible, the gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John are full of miracles, many of which were of healings of all kinds, even the raising of the dead. Healing is also I think a sign to others of Jesus’s power and life amongst us, even in the 21st century.

"The Healing Rooms have been operating in the centre of Greenock for almost 10 years and are open every Wednesday from 11am to 1pm. No appointment is necessary and volunteers are there specifically to make people feel welcome and valued. A cup of tea or coffee and a biscuit are also on hand."