Healed of Lyme Disease

This past Monday evening, a woman to whom our team has been ministering for several months came in to share fantastic news with us––God healed her of Lyme disease! 

Here is her story:

"I am Lyme free. Healed! What God began years ago in a dream, He completed. 

Years ago, my late husband was very ill and we could only afford to treat him. I put my faith in God and prayed, 'You're going to have to heal me supernaturally.' Two nights later, I dreamt an angel hugged me while I lay, and then Jesus hugged us both. My husband woke me from the dream because my body was violently shaking. 

Since then, I have sought prayer for healing and restoration. But it wasn't until meeting with Roxanne Packham at the Healing Rooms that I had the confidence and faith to get tested by my doctor.

"Thank you, God. I am healed!"

This is the second medically-documented testimony of Lyme disease healing we've received. Last year, Roxanne Packham told us her story on video of how the Lord healed her of a disease for which medical science has few answers.

Conejo Valley Healing Rooms, Thousand Oaks, California, USA

Click on the link below to hear Roxanne's story.