Under Construction - Linda Keough


Linda Keough
Linda Keough

During our prayer time this morning Cal was talking about “Change” and that God is doing something new.  Some were asking, “How does this fit into the Healing Rooms as we know it?” He shared what happen in Redding, CA in the 90’s when Revival came, how it changed people’s lives and how God’s Presence can melt a cold heart, turning the Fathers to the Sons.

We are in a time of major transformation, things are moving and changing right in front of our eyes. At this time the City of Spokane is Under Construction, streets are being torn apart, roads are blocked and detours are set up. The detours make one feel like you are on a tour you don’t like nor want to be on, and if one had a choice you would want to take the old familiar way. But that way is Under Construction, it is being blocked. 

There is also a new Bridge being built that will connect the College campuses to the area where the Healing Rooms has its main office. God is also building a bridge from one generation to the next. We are getting ready for a New Wave of Revival.

Our Headquarters is also getting ready for major construction as we prep for this something new. What happens when you remodel? What happens when city streets are being prepared to be beautified?  Things must be torn down to rebuild and things get a lot messier before they get beautiful.

God sees the beginning to the end, He makes all things beautiful in His time. A new thing is birthing out of Healing Rooms Ministries. God has a hand mixer and is blending all of us together in a greater way, He is getting us ready for this New Wine Skin. But first He must get rid of the Old. Be encouraged for He changes us into His image in His Presence and in His Glory.