Wonderful Healings from Northshore Healing Rooms, Washington, USA -

Lower back pain from an injury went from 10 to 1, and after further prayer went to zero.
- Pan G.

God healed my left swollen and reddened arm when I had a reaction to a pneumonia shot last week. The same day my hips were progressively healed and after 3 days the pain from supposed arthritis was totally gone after 21 months, consistent pain pills, and physical therapy.
Five days later the enemy attacked with a twinge of hip pain but I declared the price paid, claimed my healing in Jesus' name, and rebuked the enemy and told him to flee! James. 4:7
- Elaine S.

I have had pain 24/7 for years. I was prayed for here and the pain left my feet, hands, back, etc... Praise God!!! A miracle!!!

I used to come here two years ago, recovering from drugs and alcohol, unemployed, single, and hopeless. I came back with a wife, kid, job, and 7 yrs sober! God healed my wife from a broken tailbone. AMEN!"
- Manuel D.

Platelet Count Restored

Eight-year-old G had low platelet counts and was receiving regular infusions. Her parents brought her to the Healing Room when the infusions weren't working and her platelet count was nil. After receiving ministry at the Healing Room her parents didn't take her in for another infusion, but only had her platelets retested. Her count was 240,000 which was what the doctors had hoped for if doing a year's worth of infusions! The whole family came in and we rejoiced with them over the healing power of Jesus Christ!
- Healing Rooms of Issaquah, Washington, USA

Triple Healing!

On my first visit to the Healing Room they prayed for my left knee and it was healed. The second time I came to the Healing Room they prayed for my right knee and it was healed. They also prayed for my shoulder on the second visit and it is healed also. I received it, and it is done. God is doing remarkable things and I am thankful for what He has done for me and He can do it for anyone.
- Gloria, In His Presence Healing Room, Ohio, USA