More amazing books and devotionals to refine, lift, inspire, challenge, teach and encourage you in your walk and while training the next generation!

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Healing Rooms Kids: A Training Manual (ZZ) by Barbie Hunt Healing Rooms Kids: A Training Manual (ZZ) by Barbie Hunt B-485 $15.00

"Barbie Hunt has been a forerunner in equipping children to work as a team in Healing Rooms.  She uses a ten week model that prepares children to hear God and pray effectively for the sick.  You will be blessed with the stories and testimonies of how Holy Spirit works through children. This manual is a must for every Healing Room to prepare kids for ministry.

-Rev. Cal Pierce, Director of International Association of Healing Rooms

Entering His Courts by Entering His Courts by Steve Gallagher B-175-333 $10.99

This 12 week collection of devotions brings the poetic passion and wisdom of the Psalms into every area of our daily lives. Author Steve Gallagher gives enriching devotionals from Psalms to Entering His Courts

Each day's reading provides bountiful food for thought from the Word of God. Whether he is offering fresh perspective on a familiar refrain, or wise insight into an opaque passage, Steve Gallagher knows how to stir our hearts and direct our attention to the Lord.

The Hidden Kingdom (zz) by Dr. Dale A. Fife The Hidden Kingdom (zz) by Dr. Dale A. Fife B-779-472 $14.99

There are divine moments in life when you turn a corner and are astounded by unexpected, breathtaking vistas that you never imagined. Suddenly, your world is changed forever. You have entered a supernatural realm, an eternal dimension, where Jesus is Lord and creation itself shouts His glory.

The brilliantly illuminating revelation in The Hidden Kingdom will catapult you into such an experience. Embark on a voyage of discovery into the mystery of God's timeless realm. If you want an empowered life, if you dare to engage in a life-changing adventure, this book will lead you on a journey into the heart of God.