The Blind See

My husband and I were on holiday when Gary was taken very ill. His eyesight was deteriorating and he had severe migraine type headaches that resulted in him being violently sick. I would pray peace over him but I knew something was seriously wrong.

When we got back from our holiday I took him to have his eyes tested. It was from there he was taken as an emergency to Calderdale Royal hospital where he was for 5 days. He had gone completely blind by this point and had a blood pressure of 275/150. I visited him every day. I would lay our little boy on the bed, he was 4 months old at that time. Gary couldn't see him but he knew he was there. Several people visited and prayed over him.

When Gary came home I had the idea (from God!) to take him to the Healing Rooms of Halifax. It was a Wednesday, so I drove him there. I was welcomed so warmly by the staff and really impacted by God's love through them. A team prayed for Gary and his sight was restored 70%!! The rest of his eyesight came back over the next 3 days. He has had CT scans, MRI scans, kidney tests, you name it but everything has come back clear and he has returned to work.

Buttershaw Healing Rooms, Bradford, England

Set Free From Shingles

Shingles marred nearly half of Daniel's face. Not only were they incredibly painful but his doctor said it would be 4 weeks before he could return to work. Just 4 days after receiving pray, Daniel's doctor released him to go back to work. Praise God!!

- Northshore Healing Rooms, Bothell, Washington, USA

Foot Pain Gone

For years I've experienced pain in the balls of my feet. Orthotics and various shoe inserts did little to help. I often came to the Healing Rooms for prayer. My miracle is here! My feet no longer hurt. Praise the Lord! Don't give up on the brink of your miracle!

- Healing Rooms of the Northern Plains, Bismarck, North Dakota, USA

Amazing Healings from Australia

I came to the Healing Rooms in desperation following many years of depression and a constant feeling of helplessness and lack of personal self esteem. I knew that only prayer and God’s blessings would be my comfort and peace.

Upon my first visit to the Healing Rooms I found such love and blessings. The second time was the most confronting and I had a real spiritual battle just getting there. But during that second visit I had the most amazing breakthrough, coming to terms with many things that had been spoken over me in the past. I was so blessed that I could forgive the past and move on.

The next week I returned to thank those who had been there for me and praise the Lord for his love and blessings. After that I was able to discuss many issues with my brother who had also been affected when we were children and young adults.  He was pleased to talk about these issues and we were able to pray together over them.  I thank God for his blessings and continued love.

 - Trish 

I was asked by a friend if I would like to come with him to the Healing Rooms and I'm so glad I did.  I had an addiction to cigarettes for 9 years and I am 4 months pregnant. I also had depression, which I believe the smoking was making worse.
I was filled with the Holy Spirit and they asked Jesus to take all addiction from me.  I was so overjoyed after my healing … I have not had a cigarette since and it’s been two weeks today. I feel like I have a new life and am now free to live for Jesus with the addiction gone. I am so devoted to Him now, even more than I was before. Thank you Lord.

- Kerrianne