Reaching the Summit - Cal Pierce


Cal Pierce
Cal Pierce

We have just completed our 2017 Leadership Summit. Healing Rooms Directors from all over the world gathered in Spokane for our annual "family meeting." It was an amazing time! We opened on Thursday by introducing our Headquarters staff then I gave messages on Receiving the Mind of Christ, the Knowing of Truth that Overcomes the Lie, and how to live in the unshakable Kingdom of God.

A great highlight of the Summit is when National Directors share about what God is doing through Healing Rooms in their nations. This year we heard from England, Taiwan, Uganda, Kenya, South Africa, Indonesia, Brazil, New Zealand and Mexico.

We also had workshops this year on: building Intercession for your Healing Rooms, the International Healing Rooms School of Transformation, developing a Partner program and breaking off the poverty spirit, Transforming the Land, and healing and health with Garden's Best. These were a great success and the Directors and team members left with many new strategies to bless their teams, grow their Healing Rooms and transform their communities. We were also blessed to ordain 17 Directors into the fullness of ministry.

On Sunday we took our National and Regional Directors on a cruise on Lake Coeur d'Alene, which is always a great time! The weather finally warmed up and the day was beautiful.

Through wonderful times of praying corporately in the Spirit and mighty prophetic worship, everyone left the conference excited, built up, and encouraged to go home and enter in to what God is doing in their nations.

It is a new season and God is pouring out new wine, and we must rework our wine skins to receive it. At this Summit we moved from the Hebrew calendar year of 5777 to 5778. The year 5777 was called the Year of the Sword and the new year of 5778 is called the Year of the Open Door. We are excited to receive the revelation of Truth and then enter the doorway of the Kingdom of God to appropriate our inheritance in this end time.

All in all this year's Summit was filled with expectations of how God is releasing the fullness of His provision to His bride.