A Prayer for Today - Greg Lanctot


Greg Lanctot
Greg Lanctot


Help me, Lord, to be in harmony with You.
Keep me as the apple of Your eye.
Rally to my aid when I’m buffeted by the storms of life.
Cover me, I pray, every single day with Your banner of love.

Tell me, what time zone is Heaven in?
A day for You is a thousand years for me.
O, my Love, it’s impossible to attain Your matchless ways.
Your unfathomable thoughts are beyond anything I could ever imagine.

How can I comprehend the Spirit realm?
The Bible says it’s more real than the world I’m in.
Everything I see will eventually fade away and die.
Yet, the things I do not see are eternal; please tell me why?

When my flesh is stretched beyond measure,
give me the strength to respond as You would do.
I must be willing to put to death my old sinful nature,
in order for me to joyfully take up my cross and follow You.

You know, I have issues; all God’s children have issues.
If it wasn’t for Your tender mercy, I would be like the flowers of the field.
With one fiery breath I should have withered away and been no more.
Nevertheless, because of Your lovingkindness, I am Your cherished child!

© Greg Lanctot - October 27, 2017 - PsalmsOfHeaven.com