Healings from Bethel Healing Rooms, Redding, California, USA

Spine Straightened

When Tonya was 18, she was in a car accident and displaced three vertebrae in her back. She suffered from scoliosis in the form of a lump the size of a golf ball on her neck. The lump began to form when she had surgery 12 years ago. She had a curve in her back that didn’t allow her to put her back flat against the back of the chair.
After receiving prayer, the lump was gone and her back was completely straightened. She came in with a pain level of 8-9. She left with absolutely no pain. She also felt tingling in her right arm and believed the Lord was healing her right rotator cuff from a bike accident that happened years ago.
Ankles Healed

Two and a half years ago, Todd broke both of his ankles and had surgery to fix them, which had resulted in continuous pain in his ankles at a level 8 when he was standing or walking. During prayer, he felt warmth in his feet, and all pain leave. After he was healed, he gave his life to Jesus and was then filled with the Holy Spirit.
Tooth Pain Gone

A ministry team member woke up this morning with a toothache, which then grew into jaw pain. He realized that it was a word of knowledge and asked a group if they had been experiencing pain in that area. Samuel responded and they began to pray. Samuel had come with so much tooth pain that his gums were swollen and his whole face was in pain. While soaking in the sanctuary, the face pain left him. After prayer, to Samuel’s amazement, the toothache was gone! He bit into a nut to test it out. There was no pain at all. He then prayed for the ministry team member and all his pain left as well.


Healings from Oasis Healing Rooms, Albany, New Zealand

Feeling Loved!

A lady came for healing prayer, she emailed to say...." just to let you know last night God did something really deep. I feel so loved and have this picture with me constantly of Him wrapping me in this coat of righteousness. It has been with me since last night and today while I am at work. I feel so loved!  I feel normal like I am accepted - no more shame -  I am worthy of God's love! It is like a warmth around me, it is wonderful.  Also that open door that God wanted me to step into (He has slammed the door of my past shut) and I must turn my face to the sun and not look back to my past. I must go toward the sun and not look back. I have such peace and excitement for what ever God has for me. I know I am loved for the first time in my life! Gods love - it is so lovely, He loves me!  Sorry for raving on but this so new and lovely to me.. .  thanks for your love and prayers
Polymyalgia Rheumatica Removed

In March, this year, I came to the Oasis Healing Rooms and received prayer for a condition, I have had for ten years. It was PMR (definition: Polymyalgia Rheumatica -a rheumatic disease causing inflammation of the muscles - symptoms include muscle pain and stiffness, affecting both sides of the body, and involving the shoulders, arms, neck, and buttock areas).  Without steroid medication it was difficult for me to walk. On my return to the UK in April I had a checkup at my doctors, the blood test came back clear. No sign of any inflammation. I am healed, and weaning off the last milligram of medication. I also had prayer for a long term knee injury. It is significantly better. I'm standing in faith for complete healing. Thank you for your ministry, and glory to God, my healer.         ....Thanks, doesn't really cover it!
Vaccine Reaction Reversed

"I asked for prayer because I hadn't been feeling well for about 10 days. I had received a vaccination 10 days earlier which made me become very tired and was having severe headaches.  I was also experiencing pain in my arm and should after the injection. I was currently in the process of preparing to be with my daughter who is having a baby, in Australia. The prayer team prayed for me. They also prayed for my daughter for the delivery to go well.

The next morning I got up and felt strengthened and absolutely refreshed!  I also realised that I had slept through the night which I hadn't done for more than a week. I realised that God did a miracle and healed me from all I had experienced for about 10 days. I give thanks to Father God".