From Lighthouse Prayer and Healing Rooms -

I am just an ordinary person who just underwent cancer treatment and want to tell you what I have learned in the hopes that it will help you or someone you know.

Healings can happen through conventional medicine, alternative medicine, and prayer. All healing is good!

You need to know that miraculous healings did not only happen when Jesus was alive. There have been thousands of modern miracles that have happened in the world today. People have been healed from cancer, deafness, blindness, scoliosis, and countless other diseases and sources of pain.

God does not cause sickness or disease. God can, however, cure sickness and disease!

In the Lighthouse Prayer Healing Room near Lakeway in Austin, TX, I was healed instantly from a tilted pelvis that made one leg shorter than the other and threw out my back and shoulders. It caused me decades of pain. I felt the shift of the hip during the prayer and my legs were then the same length. I did not even say anything at the time, because I had to go home and inspect it for myself. I used to have all of my pants hemmed with one leg shorter than the other, and the tilt of the hip bones in the pelvis was obvious when I looked in the mirror getting dressed.

I have also had eye problems since birth, severe ones, and one eye is blind. It also would not 'track' the other eye and the pupil hung down low in the eye, giving me a crazy look. The eye healed to the point where it now tracks the other eye and is in the normal position. I can see more light now instead of just darkness. I have not had any signs of asthma since then either.

I think the healing prayer rooms are more effective for healing because these people have seen first hand miraculous healings and believe in them. They know they can happen and expect them to happen.

Believing for His harvest!

Prayer to heal the heart from Healing Rooms of Washington D.C. -

We had a gentleman come in to the Healing Rooms for prayer for his family. He was having shortness of breath, chest pains and his heart was pounding hard inside of his chest when he came in. We prayed and at first his heart beat harder and faster. The thought of calling 911 crossed my mind. This man needed to be healed now or he was going to the ER. We took authority in Jesus' name and his heart slowed to a normal rhythm, as both sides of his heart came into sync with each other. And He could breathe without any pain. His appearance was a lot better when he left. God showed up in a big way. Thank you, Lord!!!! RF