Healing Rooms of Purcellville

Lyme Disease - I came for prayer to the Healing Rooms of Purcellville (December) for Lyme Disease. I had been tested 2 times for Lyme and was found positive. I received the results of a Lyme test from a couple days ago. Two times the test showed negative for Lyme. I took no antibiotics, but I did feel led to take a new detox program that the Lord led me to. The doctors were quite surprised...

Healing Rooms of Santa Maria

Knees - Dana had a fall in front of a restaurant, February 5th and did the splits. As she was getting prayer, her left knee snapped and popped back into place. The hip and back nerves are completely healed! Feb 8, 2011

Heart - I have had 2 heart surgeries. The doctor said one of the valve replacements was going to have to be replaced by another surgery. But, no surgeon would take me on, and I was told if I did have it, I would probably die on the table or have a stroke. Well, I ran to Jesus at the Healing Rooms for weekly prayer. The new tests results show I do NOT need surgery. My valves are working properly. Thanks be to Jesus my healer!

Healing Rooms Australia

Fertility - Today, I received an email from a lady who came three years ago for ministry not having been able to fall pregnant. Her son is now two years old! She also had prayer for serious trouble with her teeth. She has not had any trouble since. Yeah God!

"The result of a fall was a badly bruised left knee causing considerable pain. I had prayer.... The next day I had NO pain and NO sign of any bruising"

"I had a growth start on my right foot..... I asked for prayer. The pain left my foot. I have checked the growth and it has now disappeared."

"I had an abscess under my tooth which was very painful. Soon after arriving at the healing meeting I felt tingling all through my body and felt very warm. I responded to a call for prayer and immediately I felt a surge of power from God. All pain was gone. I did not need any medication and I praise God for my healing."