New Liver

About a month ago (Feb 2018) the Lord directed me to go to the Healing Rooms. At that time, I was disqualifying myself to pray for the sick. But from my experience with the Lord, I don’t normally try to go with my feelings, I just end up obeying Him. In the Healing Rooms before the patient walks in, the team prays to get a word from the Lord. Papa God gave me a word about the liver and blood transfusion.

When the patient came in and told us her symptoms, they seemed unrelated to liver and blood. The patient said that the doctor didn’t have a cure for her sickness. So we gave her the word of knowledge regarding the liver and the blood and she said, “This issue all started four years ago when I went to Africa and the doctor there said that I had a liver malfunction.”

The team members faith level rose up and the patient's faith level rose up so we prayed for a new liver and blood transfusion. The Lord is so good, He knows the source and tells us the origin of the issue.

A month later (4th week of March 2018) this person came back in and said, "I got tested by the doctors and they said I don’t have any issues with my liver. Test were all negative. The Lord gave me a new liver. Hallelujah, praise the Lord!" The Lord is giving new organs for His children!

This is what I have learned, that you overcome your feelings with obedience. And with us just showing up, He allows us to bear fruit. In addition, when He sends you, He equips you because the Lord is Good.  We don’t have to disqualify ourselves, we are already qualified.

Ron B. - Vienna Christian Healing Rooms, Virginia, USA

Testimonies from In His Presence Healing Room, Plain City, Ohio, USA

Ankle Healed

My 7-year-old grandson went on a cub scout overnight, played ball with his friends and injured his foot. He came home limping in pain. I laid hands on him, commanded the pain to go and healing to come. Instantly he felt pain-free. Several minutes later the pain returned. I repeated the prayer, all the pain left and never returned.

Fever Gone

Several weeks ago, this same boy woke with a fever, nausea, and flu symptoms. Though 900 miles away at the time, I commanded the symptoms to go, the devil to flee, and healing to come. By noon, he was perfectly well and his Dad took him out to lunch.

Ligament Restored

For several years, I put up with an injured ligament in my right knee that would get re-injured going up and down stairs occasionally, so I guarded it continually. Over a month ago the pain reoccurred and I slapped my knee, commanded the pain to leave, and healing to come. The pain instantly left, has not returned, and the knee feels strong. I freely go up and down the stairs without guarding it and there is no re-occurrence of the injury.