The Power of God - Cal Pierce


Cal Pierce
Cal Pierce

The power of God doesn't just belong in God, it needs to also be in us. We receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon us. The purpose of the power is to fulfill the will of God upon the earth. The fulfillment of His will isn't up to God, it's up to us. Redemption put the responsibility in our hands. This is why in Luke 10:19 God gives us the authority.

There are too many believers who don't understand this. They put the responsibility on God because they don't believe they have power. We need to know we are not to receive power from God, we are to have the power of God. The power is His manifest presence in us. When we become filled with His manifest presence, the will of God begins to fulfill itself on our behalf. We won't have to ask God for something, His will (Truth) will make us free.

Jesus is our head, we are His body, the Body of Christ. The head doesn't operate separate from the body. The head is the power source that operates the body. This is why we are told in I Corinthians 2:16 we have the mind of Christ. The manifest presence of Jesus comes down through His body when we are connected to, and operated by, our head, who is Jesus. Then it is not our power but His power in us that fulfills His will for us.

When we don't operate our life connected to our Head, there is separation and we then ask God to give us what has already been provided. When we are connected we can see ourselves as the fulfillment of His will, rather than people who are trying to receive His will. There is a big difference in seeing ourselves with something as opposed to seeing ourselves without it, trying to receive it.

When we are disconnected from the Head, we will live by the law and struggle by our power. But when we are connected, we live by grace with His power.