It's Time - Carol Krum


Carol Krum
Carol Krum

With the many prophetic words being released in this season that there is an awakening coming, where there will be a “billion” soul harvest and that we need to be ready, the Lord has put a word on my heart to share with you.

Promises have been released into the body of Christ for many years that a revival was coming, and we have always grabbed ahold of those promises like tenacious bulldogs, refusing to let go.  We have prayed, fasted and contended unceasingly to see the fulfillment of God’s word manifest in our lifetime.  On evening during Blaze, a Friday night revival/worship/teaching/healing service here at headquarters, an 85 year old lady came up and told us that she and her husband had been praying for this very thing to happen in Spokane for 30 years, and she felt that this was part of what we are going to see.

We were recently blessed to host Pastor Grace (age 30) from Uganda.   He shared a story with us that has been resonating in my spirit since I heard it.  He said that he was walking along, minding his own business, when he came upon a group of serious drug dealing thugs.  (My translation!)  His first reaction was to turn and run in the opposite direction, but they yelled at him, saying “Are you a Pastor?”  With his heart pounding and a lump in his throat, he answered, “Yes”, knowing that they may well have killed him in that moment!  But to his amazement, they cried out “We want JESUS RIGHT NOW!!!”  They all accepted Christ and were filled with the Holy Spirit on the spot!  Now that’s what this new awakening will begin to look like!

The other word that is being released repeatedly is regarding the younger generation that is presently being raised up by God.  They will be the ones to usher in this next move of God in a fresh new way, with a new sound and a new song.  This will open doors for them to reach a generation of people who are caught in a world of darkness and confusion with no purpose or meaning. They won’t have to be set free from the “religious” spirit, because they won’t have time to entertain it!  They are being caught up by the Spirit of the Living God, taught His Word in accelerated fashion, and sent out to do the work of the Father!  They may even be called the “11th Hour” generation, (again…my interpretation!).  Bill Johnson has said that “the ceiling of our faith should be the floor of our children’s faith.”  This a perfect example of what we are about to witness in the Kingdom with the new wine being poured into new wineskin.

Things are not going to look like they have in the past, nor will people walk in the same manner we have known.  The old structure is being dismantled for the new one to be built.  We must not try to shove our old “way of doing things” into this new move of God because they simply won’t fit.

Isn’t this just like the Lord?  He sends the forerunners to do the ground work, tilling the soil of the souls, so to speak, with their prayers of intercession,  weeping in the night with their hearts so burdened for the lost, crying out to God to hear their heartfelt prayers.  For years and years, these beloved of God have faithfully walked out their calling, never losing sight of the vision the Lord had given to them.  They kept on, and they kept on, and they kept on.

And now we stand at the threshold of the fulfillment of His promises to see this new awakening revival come upon the earth, and to those who have stood strong throughout the long season of waiting, the Lord wants us to know how very pleased He is with our obedience to prayer, faith, trust, hope and perseverance.  We are about to witness, right before our eyes, the abundant harvest that is coming forth because of all that we have sown through prayers of intercession.   Are we ready?

Guard Your Heart

When we have poured ourselves into something for so long, with the result being quite different from what we had believed it to be, it can leave a sense of “what’s wrong with this picture” swirling around within.  During prayer the other morning, I caught a glimpse of a spirit of offense trying to wiggle itself into a place where it couldn’t easily attach, but was determined to get there!  In asking the Lord what this meant, He simply said, “Guard your heart against offense, for if you give it room, it will bring you great harm.”

Might it be possible that He is issuing a warning to those who have remained faithful through years of intercession?  As a new generation arises and begins to express the love and power of God differently than the familiar style we have known in our old wine skin, and people of all ages, ethnicity, religious backgrounds suddenly begin chasing down these people demanding “Jesus RIGHT NOW”, there may be a tendency to question the authenticity of this movement.  Yes, it may be messy at times, but we know that their fruit will testify to the truth and the power of the Holy Spirit within them.  Salvations, deliverances, healings, miracles, signs and wonders will become the “norm” for them.

Now is the time for all intercessors to stir into a flame the gifts that have been given, for this new generation coming up will need prayer covering far greater than we have seen to run the race that is set before them.  Our work is not done until we cross the ultimate finish line into Glory!

May our hearts be so filled with thanksgiving and praise, love and joy that we find ourselves dancing in their midst, celebrating the goodness and kindness of our God!  We are living in the best of times as Heaven invades the earth for such a time as this. I don’t know about you, but I’m getting my dancing shoes out with great expectation and anticipation of what is about to happen.  And all I can say is,


Carol Krum is the Partner Coordinator at the Spokane Headquarters and our resident encourager in joy.