From the Father's Heart - Prophecy


The Father says today, you get to have it all. When you purpose in your heart to be a kingdom seeker, then My response is to see to it that you get to have it all. No good thing will I withhold from those that walk in the righteousness that I have afforded them in My kingdom. Align yourself with that truth and give yourself over to the change and the adjustments necessary to open yourself wide to that which I have for you. Know that being found faithful is the first priority of every day of the world that you are living out your testimony in this side of heaven.Father's Heart

Be committed to change, says the Father. Say in your heart, change isn’t harmful, change is beneficial. Litigate against that part of your character that embraces fixity at all costs. You must be given over to change and be amenable to change. Standing on the street corner of life waiting for past glory to return is vanity. Waiting idly for your ship to come in some day in the vague, distant future is a deception. What you do now makes all the difference. My kingdom doesn’t come by observation, so commit yourself to doing what you see Me do in every single day. Then you will, by your actions reorient yourself for the outpouring of the full load of the benefit of heaven to be poured out in response to your faith.