Sleeping Beauty and the Awakening - Cal Pierce


Cal Pierce

Cal Pierce

While in Spain this month, I had a dream.  In the dream, I saw Sleeping Beauty and she was the Bride of Christ.  She was asleep to the voice of the Lord.  She couldn't hear Him say to her, "Arise and shine, for your light has come."  I then saw the Bridegroom, Jesus, bend down and give her a kiss.

Sleeping Beauty was awakened to her destiny as the glory of the Lord rose upon her.

  • She was awakened to the mind of Christ and began to think supernaturally - 1 Cor. 2:16
  • She was awakened to the Truth and the Truth made her free - John 8:32
  • She was awakened to the armor of God and no weapon formed against her prospered -  Phil. 6:13
  • She was awakened to her authority and began to exhibit power over all the power of her enemy -Luke 10:19
  • She was awakened to the voice of God to go into all the world, and signs and wonders began to accompany her as she healed the sick, cast out demons, worked miracles and saved the lost - Mark 16:15-18
  • She was awakened to the brightness of her rising and could see around her as governmental leaders came to her for answers - Isaiah 60:3-4

In her awakening, the Kingdom of God was established on earth as it is in Heaven.  Matt. 6:10.  Then His voice shook the whole earth and He empowered His Kingdom in the Bride with consuming fire.  Heb. 12:26-29.  Then I saw billions of souls come into His Kingdom as His Glory covered the earth.  Matt. 13:39

After the harvest, a sound came out of Heaven, like the sound of many waters and thundered upon the earth.  It said, "It is finished."  Rev. 19:6

Then Heaven opened and the King of Glory came on a white horse and He was called The Word of God.    Rev. 19:11-13.  And when I saw Him, we were just like Him.  1 John 3:2

Then the voice of many waters thundered ....