Healing Rooms in Hawaii


by John and Linda Keough

The Healing Rooms here in Hawaii have come full circle. God is so moving and we are hearing great reports of how lives have been changed through the trainings, Healing Rooms visits, and through our annual conferences with Cal and Michelle. Last year during the Conference there was a lady who spent 3 days crying. When the conference was over she said, "We have to START a Healing Room on our side of the Island." We now have a new Healing Room on the Kaneohe side of the Island in Oahu.

This year we have folks coming from the nations. Folks are coming from Canada and some will be coming from the Island of Palau. Hawaii has a real history of people coming and going. Most stay on average one to three years. It is just not an easy place to live. Over the last few weeks John and I have had more and more people say, "Thank you for coming. Thank you for leaving your land and your family for us. Our lives have been changed." This is the fruit of our labors and it brings us much JOY. Another thing that has really blessed us is that we have heard this comment from the Christians who come to see us from the mainland: "We know that when we travel, if we can find a Healing Room, we can find the anointing and we can learn what is going on in a region." This is a powerful statement.


The other day at the Healing Rooms we had a guest from Washington. The lady's finger was stuck frozen in one position. After prayers she was able to make a fist with her hand.

A lady came in with a limp and her hips were out of alignment and her arms had carpal tunnel. Her leg lengthened and the hip lined up. She left the Healing Rooms, praising God, without a limp! She also said she had no pain in her wrist.

The youth are coming!

A family come for training; a dad, mom and daughter. The young daughter was so excited she started praying for folks everywhere and started to see miracles. She brought a few of her friends to the Healing Rooms, one young man, still in High School, and his brother. Both young men were touched and filled with the Holy Spirit the same day. They then went to their church the next day on fire. They are now touching the High School and the church put the miracles in their Sunday Bulletin.