It's Overflow Time - Linda Keough


Linda Keough
Linda Keough

It’s Overflow Time

Yom Kippur was just celebrated, Yom Kippur is the most holy day of the year.  Once a year the Priest would go to make atonement for the people of God; there was always a blood sacrifice.  If you went into the Holy place with any sin, you would die.

Thank God, Jesus is the Lamb that was slain once and for all, and His blood makes us holy and clean. Jesus is our High Priest.

The Word says we enter into the Holy of Holies by the blood of the Lamb. That means we have entrance to His Presence. (Hebrews 10:19) Christ in us, the hope of glory. He moves in many ways and speaks in many ways. He is in us, He is with us, He is upon us and He flows thru us.

He is calling us to enter into the Holy Place by the blood of the Lamb; calling us into the eternal realm, the unseen realm, the realm of angels, the realm of revelation and visitation, into the glory realm that He has prepared for us.

He is saying;

"Take the limits off – Take the limits off of Me – Take the limits off of yourself.  You are welcome to come by the blood of the Lamb. Remember how I grabbed Ezekiel by the hair and took him up in a moment’s time and brought him into the heavenly realms. (Ezekiel 8:3)

"Come on up! Come on up to the place where I dwell. Come on up to the heavenly realms. For I have much to teach you and much to show you. I will fill you, I will fill your mouth, I will fill your hands and I will fill your pocket books.

"It is overflow time.  It is time to live in the overflow of the goodness of God! Suddenly “No More Lack” but Fat. The anointing shall break the yoke. Get ready for the overflow. Get ready for restoration and for the blessings that I Am about to pour out. Nothing Can Stop it! For it has already been released! It is on its way. It is overflow time!

"For you have been faithful and I AM a rewarder of those who diligently seek me. You shall reap the reward. Look up for I AM about to pour upon your head My Goodness and My Glory, My Anointing. You will be saturated in My manifest presence. You will be changed in a twinkling of an eye and those things that I have spoken to you in the night hour shall come upon you Suddenly.

"For I AM not a man that I should lie. That which I said, you shall walk in... you shall walk in!                   Look up for your redemption draws nigh.

"Every Hope – Every Dream – Every Vision shall come into the Earth.

Not by might and not by power, but by My Spirit."


Linda Keough