This month we are continuing to feature more books by Cal Pierce to add to your library.  They are filled with a wealth of wisdom regarding how to function as Kingdom people bringing the Kingdom of Heaven on earth!
Blessings to you!
Healing Rooms Bookstore Team
Understanding & Moving in the Gifts of the Spirit
by Cal Pierce
What are the Gifts?  Who gets them?  How do you use them?
This booklet answers these questions with straightforward Biblical answers.  With eager anticipation, you'll discover your own individual gifts as you seek the face of the One who gives them.
This is a great tool to have on hand when questions arise during Bible Studies or prayer meetings!
Healing, the process to establish Divine Health
by Cal Pierce
Divine Health comes by what you hear from God and read in His Word, not from operating by what you see in the natural realm.
Healing is not supposed to be a lifestyle; it is not supposed to be a permanent state of being, always needing a healing from one thing or another.  Rather, Healing was designed to be an event, or series of events, that leads us manifestly into a supernatural life of Health, the kind that Jesus walked in.
This truth is often lost in today's a-pill-for-everything world or, perhaps, we have forgotten in Whose image we were created.
Healing The Land
by Cal Pierce
There is an acceleration of Healing, Signs, Wonders and Miracles around the world today.  God's purpose in Healing His Body is so His Body can begin to Heal the Land.  In the next few years there is the potential for 10,000 Healing Rooms to be raised up as a catalyst for a revival of His presence.  We are not here to have a life, but to have the Life of God released through us with power and anointing.  There is a marriage taking place between the Healing of the Body to the Healing of the Land.  God wants His Land to be healed for a revival that will gather in the End-time Harvest.