Ireland and Scotland


Steven and Helen Anderson

IAHR Directors for Scotland

IAHR Acting National Advisors for Ireland

Steven and Helen Anderson, our Healing Rooms IAHR National Directors for Scotland, were also appointed to be our IAHR Acting National Advisors for Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland around last September. Here is an account of what's been happening since:

Helen and I undertook our first trip to Ireland as acting National Directors in February this year. We received a great welcome and many doors were opened to us to equip the believers and to minister at Healing Services in both the north and south of the country. This beautiful land has a rich heritage of healing and miracles from the days of the Celtic monks, like St. Patrick. There is just one Healing Room open at the moment in the Belfast area, but we conducted training in Kilkenny in the south and they plan to open very soon. Several other people expressed interest in opening rooms and we have invitations to return in June to conduct training courses.

One Sunday morning we took part in a Healing Service in a new church plant in a very deprived area of Dublin. One lady came in a wheelchair, paralysed down her left side and unable to move her left arm or leg. As we prayed she moved her left hand but that was all. However we heard that the next morning she was out of the wheelchair and walking the length of her garden!

In Scotland we continue to see the Lord moving in wonderful ways with many being healed physically and emotionally, and good numbers coming to faith. One of our Glasgow rooms recently received the following testimonies: a lady diagnosed with bowel cancer and given about 12-18 months to live was given the all-clear after she received prayer; a woman who had suffered from continual bleeding for years experienced instant healing; and a young man who was seriously mentally disturbed and suicidal has been restored to sound mental health.

More testimonies and information can be found on our website: